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Now demoing: "A Journey Through Middle-earth", a Chrome Experiment inspired by the upcoming movie +The Hobbit.

The experiment uses WebGL & the Web Audio API on Chrome for +Android to bring Middle-earth to life in the browser with 3D Trolls, interactive musical experiences, and more. Keep an eye out for the entire experience coming later this year. Watch the video for a sneak peek and visit

#io13 #keynote
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Not entirely sure what is this project about, but I'm definitely interested to learn more.
I dont know what the means!! Maybe in english?!
This is the a smoking hot movie and very intresting to wacth. 
Is 'The Hobbit' really an upcoming movie?
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Oh, I thought they finally got the middle earth on google maps...
i haven't watched this yet but it is definitly on my list of things to do.
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