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Got a video game controller lying around?

Today's sporty Google Doodle is actually an interactive, HTML5 game that uses the new Gamepad API to detect whether you have a gamepad controller attached to your computer (don't worry if not, you can still use your keyboard). Check it out and post your high scores in the comments:
Our series of sporting doodles takes a leap into action today with an interactive hurdle race. Using your keyboard, mouse or even—if you’re using +Google Chrome or special builds of Firefox—a USB gamepad, you can navigate our runner along the track and help him jump the hurdles. Just like the real thing, the event is timed, so we encourage you to give it a shot  on our homepage and compare your best attempts with your friends! 

For the techier among you, a fun tidbit: this doodle makes use of the brand-new Gamepad API, which uses JavaScript to read the state of any gamepad controller attached to your computer, and which was just added to Chrome last week. Read more in this article:
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this is amazing. a company such as Google, giant, paramount attention to details. remarkable.
hacı ne diyorsun ben 6.3 yaptım da bi turlu paylaşamıyorum
12.0 seconds..... without having to cheat!
I wonder if gamepad controlled will lead to a better score. Nice doodle, I enjoyed it!
My best so far is 13.0 using a keyboard.
zardare a job is give name of allah je (NOKRE YA CHOKRE) mare tuhgee?imran ali
gamepad games available in Chrome!
13.1 ..... but I had a knee injury...
what has happened to my google search box?
Andres Felipe is a robot :P disqualified haha kidding ^^ impressive score dude
QWOP is awesome. I should obtain a gamepad for this, though ;P
Leo T
10.5 with 3 stars without cheating. 0.7 with 0 stars while cheating...
I hope you will pay attention to several bugs that Chrome has!
First, there is no case sensitive search.
Second, chrome history skips much of the pages I've visited.

Thank you!
They should make more like this one! It will attract more attention :) 
Ne bu yorum böyle
I Like This :D

Runn... Jump ... Run .... Run ... Run.... Jump xD
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