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Have you ever noticed that your text formatting is often inconsistent after copying & pasting something online?

Next time you’re about to paste something, hit Ctrl+Shift+V (or Cmd+Shift+V on a Mac) instead of the usual Ctrl+V and your content will be pasted without any of its previous formatting, matching its new surroundings.

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Thank you - this drives me nuts! Thanks for the solution!
This reminds me of the optiout feature rather than opt-in...
Awesome, I usually paste into Notepad and then copy again from there.
Depending what it is, sometimes I'll dump it into the omnibar and then recopy it. But this does use less keystrokes...
Genius. Oh the simple things that make a world of difference.
This is really helpful, thanks for sharing.
FormatMatch is a nice app for OS X that does the same thing.
I actually need this tip right now for some website updates (silly MS Word formatting junk), thanks!
I always have to copy and paste into Notepad to remove any formatting then copy into the final document. This is a great tip! PLUS ONE!
Nice. But how come that the keyboard shortcuts are not visible in the right-click menu, like in the tools menu?
Wouldn't RIGHT click on the COPY text and have OPTIONS MENU OFFER these options?
Nice, I can use that for the online posts for college when I don't feel like typing verbatim from wikipedia ;)
Not exactly the most finger-friendly keyset (for those of us with only 5 per hand), but still a great tip.
i use "paste special" option and i click unformatted text
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
thnx 4 the tip! it will definately come in handy.
So many fingers, so little time
Thank you soooooo much Google Chrome!
Great to know! I could use this a lot.
awesome! I love love love keyboard shortcuts, this will save me on some stuff, thanks!
thats gr8! thnks!
Thanks for the shortcut. Used to copy 1st on notepad. Now its much easier with this. :)
Internet Explorer has 3, actually. It's their handicap courtesy score.
#chrometip is much more helpful when you don't already know it.
I keep notepad handy for that.. It will strip 90% of the formatting and unify the font type and size
Thanks GChrome, saved me a bunch of keystrokes.
omg such a simple tip but THANK YOU. I hate when that happens!
no...not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doesn't that just copy past the format in windows?
There's really no difference between Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shift+V on my computer (Chromebook).
Ctrl+shift+c and v copy paste format only?
I did not know that. Thank you :)
I would paste into a 'vi' window and cut'n'paste back out. Love this time saving tip!
Ctrl+Shift+V work on #gnome-terminal too!
There's an app called PureText that does this for any copy/paste operations on Windows. Windows+V to paste with no formatting.
wish this worked in microsoft word/outlook/excel! awesome! +microsoft take note! (paste special isn't always available in office products)
I had no idea we could do that... thanks for the tip...
You can also paste it to notepad/gedit/kate... to remove formatting
did somebody try with Ctrl+Shift+V is this working ??
How come Microsoft Word can't do something as smart as this!!!!! Thanks Google!
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IN mac Lion OS it was Command+Option+Shift+V while pasting in text edit
If you don't already know this, you're not worthy enough of using Google Chrome.
sweet, now I don't have to copy and paste it into the browser address and copy and paste again
Been doing this for ages. Glad to see lots of people finding this out here!
Crome is easy to work out its google plus that im still trying to use lol
Well ADAM WAITE you can just shut up because there are people out there that aren't technology freaks like you.
Is this shortcut only for Chrome? Or is it universal?
Oh my god, this is some of the most awesome functionality ever. I always end up having to Ctrl+V something else and then paste it to resume normal formatting, such a hack.
I have an add-on that remove that annoying feature and always let me paste without formatting.
Thx much, I'll use this on my next project I have to do!!
To get around that issue i paste my text in notepad firat then copy that and paste it where it needs to go.
James K
Nice tip. I will use that. You just saved me a lot of time
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Tony Ng
would still be helpful if Gmail had copy/paste formats like in GDocs
Next time you’re about to paste something, hit Ctrl+Shift+V (or Cmd+Shift+V on a Mac) instead of the usual *Ctrl+V *and your content will be pasted without any of its previous formatting, matching its new surroundings. testing
Can cut/copy as plain text be made default out of the box?
+Allen Cross Not sure what you mean. I can easily press Ctrl-Shift-V with one hand: pinky, ring finger, and index finger.
That's pretty rad, I copy and paste addresses several times a day usually so this is most helpful
Shit. Wish I knew that 5 years ago.
Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.
Headed home...just got work! Time for a glass of wine!
Thank you, just what I needed! I've been pasting into notepad first to rid the formatting. sigh
where were you when i was in college? lol...
CTRL+shift+V does not work on Google translate
I had to remove Google Chrome as it slowed my laptop to a crawl. I am not willing to try it again and go through that pain. I do not see any advantage to yet another browser.
On Chromebooks you can highlight text and then paste with a three finger click (all three fingers touching the trackpad). No keyboard combos necessary, thanks to the and Linux.
Just one of the things you never new =)
wow never knew a shift key could come in so handy.
If It Makes It Better👍 More Buttons To Push 👎
awesome... had no idea about this trick, thanks
Its clearly work,like it!!!!
+Andrea Wainwright-Zimmerman this is a Chrome feature, not e.g. a Google Docs feature. Office allows you to paste as plain text too. If I am not mistaken in more recent versions it has its own keyboard shortcut. And if not you can always assign one... That said, it's a great feature, one that all apps should have. Saves a roundtrip via a plain text editor...
I usually paste into the run cmd box! This saves me a lot of hassle, thanks!
Please add cmd+shift+c for copy without formatting for all the apps which doesn't support cmd+shift+v? :-)
I like ctrl v for txt, ctrl shift v for txt + styling.
WOW. Does this work in Google Docs? Please say it works in Google docs!
I'm sorry but it should be the other way around!

The default CTRL/CMD+V should paste *without* formatting and the CTRL/CMD+Shift+V should maintain format.
How can I paste a picture in Google docs spreadsheet?
I'll try to remember this for future reference
Very useful. Where can I see more Chrome tips like this...
+Martin O'Brien , you can reshare this post and you wont need to remember it, as it would always be there in your stream.
Nice tip! I'll be sure to implement it.
Thanks, that will come in handy :)
This is great....I can't believe I didn't find out about this before...
I was always pasting content on notapad as midstep!
Cool stuff! :)
is google chrome available for nokia?
nothing like mountain videos and michelle maries pitures
Nevada has become the first state in the United States to approve self-driving cars, a necessary step for Google's vision to become a reality.
You know what really annoys me? The omni bar no longer shows HTTP://. When you paste links they have HTTP:// in them. This is an inconsistent user experience because it's unclear where the HTTP:// part comes from. URLs must specify their protocol or they are not URLs! Please fix this, and smack the chrome team members who think this is not a bug!
Knew it once - forgot it - but it's good to know again. Especially helpful for me in GMail . Maybe +Gmail can add this as info to the list of shortcuts.
What a great tip for people importing content into LingQ. Get rid of all those formatting issues!
I just copied and pasted your advice above into a word file, and does not work! Even your advice did not appear!
Awesome. I think this may help me with the Blog I write about. Usually when I copy and paste, it will stick with the same size/color from which I copied it.
It would be faster and nicer to just paste it, and it just works.
Am I missing something here? It doesn't work for me. It doesn't paste anything. Is it only for certain programs? I just tried copying-pasting this post into Word.
+Steve McIlroy . I had the similar issue and then I realised that the copy/paste only works inside chrome (google docs etc.) not MS word. good luck :)
Thanks. I've been having problems in Google Docs with format changes when copying and pasting from one doc to another. This fixes the problem.
I use this all the time. It's a sanity saver.
Thank you..very useful
Insanely cool to know. Thanks. I've been copy-pasting through Notepad for many years.
And by the way seems to work in LibreOffice too!
Shawn Q
I've noticed my formatting is often inconsistent, then I tried doctor watson's colon blow, and my formatting is very consistent now.
This is super!
But in my case Ctrl+Shift+C is also something like "inspecting a element of the site" (right mouse button, last option)
So it works, that is great! But (maybe only in my case) there is a downside. Does enyone has an idea how to fix this?
+Google Chrome
I didn't find any diff n speed wid oder browsers
Ctrl+Shift+V is not pasting anything.
So, why is google too-lazy to just fix this. It is not a problem that I have anywhere else. A work-around is only something you use until the problem gets repaired.
+John Van Roekel that isn't actually true - typically if you copy / paste from a desktop app (lets say Microsoft Word) into a browser window (lets say into an email draft), random formatting comes along - this converts it to plain text. Its useful in a lot of instances, otherwise you end up fighting the formatting from MS Word to get it to look they way you want.
I was looking for such productive tips .. Where can I find similar tips ?
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