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Do you use +Gmail in Chrome?

You can now set Gmail as the default mail service in Chrome so that email links automatically open in Gmail instead of a native email client on your computer. To enable this feature, just hit Use Gmail if you spot the below message while in Gmail, or you can just follow the steps here:

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Yes, now dumb old outlook wont pop-up anymore :D
Yes I do, and I like this option ... thanks! (Outlook not even going to be accidentally launched any more ... )
Will switch to Chrome when it handles RSS feeds the same as FF.
+Hua Yang 你在Chrome+ Gmail的使用?现在,您可以在浏览器设置为默认邮件服务的Gmail在Gmail自动打开,而不是您的计算机上的本地电子邮件客户端的电子邮件中的链接,使。若要启用此功能,只需点击使用Gmail如果您发现下面的消息,而在Gmail中,你可以按照这里的步骤:。
I've set Gmail as the default mail service. I use Gmail as my primary email, so this makes it much more convenient :)
time to remove the chrome extension
So glad this has finally been added. Email links confused my laptop, since it lacks outlook. I didn't use outlook anyways.
Saw this pop up yesterday, installed the function immediately!
I got the popup today, and my first reaction was "Why yes, please do!"
Its the only way I would want to use it.... Chrome and Gmail are amazing
i open chrome yesterday after i set it :)
This pop up on my Chromebook. LOL, what other choice do I have?
I see that this morning, I was wondering what's that...
Great feature. Any possibility we can do that on safari, too?
saw the message and clicked to enable, just this AM !! Love it.. used it three times already !!
Love it. Works perfectly on Google Chrome.
Can it be turned off? I've accidently enabled it on my work laptop which should stay with Outlook as the default.
I'm using Chrome right now! and Yes I use Gmail at the same time! It (Chrome) was recommended by a Translation Company that I'm trying to work for, because they use a Cloud Platform.
Curious ... got message bar above in Chrome browser on my laptop this AM where I primarily use my personal email. Did not get it on my work desktop where we use Google Apps for Business. Does admin have to allow?
+Benjamin Schöttge If you use Windows, before you left click on email address hold down CTRL key & you will get the email to open in a new tab. Let me know if it works ...
+Eric Schwartz check that your admin hasn't blocked the new gmail interface, and that chrome is up to date
+Arthur Reynolds Chrome is up to date (17.0.963.56 m). Will check in AM to make sure our admin didn't block. Thanks!
Are there any ways to manage handlers manually? Or is a user required to go to a website to "install" the handler? Also, are these handlers synced when I use Chrome Sync? Thanks for the information, it looks like a great start!
Would love to see this option be configurable in the Group Policy template for the "Enterprise" version of Chrome.
Don't want it, and dont force it, Google. Calm the fuck down with all the Google branding.
Just like you guys, I'm also a heavy Gmail user with many thanks to #chrometip.
+DAN Lo-Fat If you're using Chrome, and Gmail, why wouldn't you want it? If you're not, then just ignore it.
+DAN Lo-Fat I find this feature very useful. I'm able to send emails without having to copy and paste an e-mail address. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that others won't want to use it.
+DAN Lo-Fat have to click "allow"...

When something requires action to be enabled on the user's end, I wouldn't call that forced .
+Hiroyasu Tomaru You are using the best email in the world. Hope you are able to make use of all the great features of Gmail.
Ray Jia
I've been waiting for this for YEARS

Thanks Google, keep working hard!
+michael boston Google Chrome is a "Work In Progress" New features are added every day! If you were asking why isn't this enabled by default, not all people use Gmail, and they might want to use another e-mail provider instead. Plus, Google likes to give it's users choice.
Did it today accidentally. Amy idea how to stop it? lol
+Randy Hoopes I'm on the dev build of chrome with the new settings pages, but this should be pretty similar: Wrench>Under The Hood> Content Settings> go the the handler sections and click Manage handlers. Then you can remove and handlers that you don't want enabled in Chrome.
I love it INSIDE Chrome. However, I did not like it when it captured an email address I was copying inside outlook and opened a new email inside Chrome. How comes it captured something going on outside Chrome?
Yeah that's why I didn't like it. It was using my professional outlook emails through gmail. 
+Vahid Masrour This is because you are setting Chrome as the default program for the MAILTO protocol. To verify this, go to the control panel, then programs, default programs, then associate a file type or protocol with a program. After the list loads, you can see that Chrome is the default program for all MAILTO links. I'm not sure if this is the desired outcome of this handler, but I personally like it. If you would like to use Gmail for MAILTO links ONLY inside Chrome, then you can install an extension for that:
Why when I open an email, the "https" turns gray with a kind of warning triangle on the padlock ? Security flaw ?
You can click on the image to get more information about the problem.
+Francis Larouche Are you opening HTML e-mail with images? If those images are hosted on a non-HTTPS server, it's warning you about that.
yowza h
Leuk, dat moest ik al langer hebben.... bedankt.
Yes sometimes when I get a chance to.. But usually I only get time to check my email and I only get to be on here for like once a week or 3.... it depends how much time I have :)
crome realy nice ...................good thanks google
Humm, I've experienced just the exact opposite. Chrome is very stable for me, even when using the dev build. And if flash is crashing, try to disable pepper flash and enable adobe flash.
+Tyler McHenry Fine, but when I go back to my inbox, the "https" doesn't go back to normal. I gotta reload the page two times. Annoying for a perfectionnist like me ^^ Nice to know, though !
Greg M
I ignored that notice. No way am I going to use Gmail for my business emails. Google knows enough about me already.
Nice! I had learned to avoid email links, nothing worst than having outlook but not set up ('cause you never use it) and then having Microsoft launching it anytime you clicked on a mailto link
I user igoogle which contains gmail. it's easier
I want to be able to right click on a documents and send to email recipient - Gmail.
FINALLY ! When do we get to be able to open/save docs from gmail to G-docs ?? So logic, so needed, so not there :=)
Finally. Done! I've been waiting for this.
great.but still no pinch to zoom
i like it gmail& geogle grome
As long as there is no integration for other IMAP-Accounts Gmail is useless to me as Email-Client.
Good to know that,will try it later.
It's just a shame that it won't work with my Google apps account. I'd really love when I clicked on a mailto link being asked what I want to use (GMail account, Google apps account or Outlook).
this is exactly what i really need since a long time ago thank you very much for add this into chrome
probbly, we got better choice in local services, faster access. but with onething google did very well, thats google contacts, it is the only reason that i kept my gmail alive.
im just wondering if that outlook is still helpful. i just never try it, every time i wanna use it, just frastrated by the complicated setting. i just wondering is their any services that no need to setup just enter ur add and pin and use it straight way, no more setting, easy managing of multimails.
btw, google keyboards make me sick of typing long words. google any improvement on it?
I've wanted this for a long time. The extension didn't work with apps accounts only personal gmail whereas this seems to work for both
About effing time. Sorry to say, but I had expected this functionality from (at least) version 4. Firefox have had it for years.
Long overdue. Glad to see the feature rolled out though ;)
I've tried to use for several times but it always automatic close the programe.
since last two weeks whenever i open chrome on my mac, the system get hanged and i have to force quit the computer.. due to which i have completely stop using chrome. as i used to browse all stuff thru it.. it seems really uneasy for me from other browser.. any particular reason or is this only with me ??? as i have already reinstall my operating system twice...
Paul C
To disable this feature (for example on a work pc) just type chrome://settings/handlers into the address bar and remove Gmail from the list.
Chrome = C crashing-less H highly responsive R reliable O one of a kind M most secure browser E everyone loves Chrome ..... :-p
make it using existing tab if there is Gmail already opened!
On Linux, GNOME Gmail integrates Gmail in to all of the desktop applications.
Yes I do, in fact, I remember some years ago there was a Gmail Aplication or extension that allowed you to do so.
Occasionally, but use the Gmail app on my Android phone (HTC HD2 from the 90's), more than I do on-line (via a desktop) and Outlook is still our choice for desktop emailing, mainly so my emails don't have adverts in them (doesn't look very professionally otherwise) and of course business domain names []^_^]

Is there any other options for say business/serious email users, for those with their own domain name email address and not wanting adverts using a Google related products? Would actually make life that much easier for us and would not need MS Office any more, as we're already using Google Docs, Contacts, Shared Calendars, etc ()^_^)
Firefox have more plug-ins ? Have you checked the chrome web store ? Do you really need more ? Come on.
Chrome doesn't work on half the websites I view daily so really it is wrothless for me at this time but I wish I could use it for everything!
FINALLY! I have been waiting for this day!
Very rare I click on an email link, but I guess I won't have noticed anyway as I use my ChromeBook which uses Gmail by default anyway.
really? I never would have known. gmail only asks me to do it EVERY time I log in...
hello everyone.大家好
Pssst! +Google Chrome ! I love your browser, and I love the new mailto feature so I can stop using third party extensions for that. But after one of your recent updates, Reader has not been displaying properly. The titles are now mostly obscured in the title area on top of posts. (I checked on Firefox and it is not happening there.)
ben google chrome pc bağlantı özelliği daha iyi gibi geliyor bana ama genedee karar chrome
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