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Google pushing some brand organic listings down the page with their own compare block.

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Oh that's a shame. I can only see it in but I don't like what I see!
damn I can't seem to replicate it but will try from a UK IP tomorrow
I guess it is now only a matter of time before they start doing this for brand hotel searches as well.  :( 
Indeed that's too much I remember +Danny Sullivan statement in SMX 2012 NY: maybe publishers should think just to block Google from indexing
+Mohammed ALAMI as far as I understand you need to submit yourself to be considered to be included in these types of sponsored results.
+Ann Smarty ah not sure I think +Kevin Gibbons has played with them a bit but the question is do you just grab as much traffic as you can while you can?
It actually looks like Google have pulled this now. Try searching for "Moneysupermarket" again.

Either that or they've removed it for me so that I stop writing about them ;-)
+Ann Smarty yep, back again now - hadn't changed any settings though. Looks like they've got some testing going on!
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