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Would you market a product that capitalized on a tragedy? What if your client pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds to helping the victims recover? Makes the question much harder to answer, for me at least. Before reading today's post on the +Inflow blog, I would say it would completely depend on the client's true intentions and messaging, as well as the potential impact on the victims of the tragedy (and their friends and family). Now I'm thinking that in the majority of situations, it simply isn't worth the long-term risks to the client and those impacted by the tragedy, which can never be accurately assessed... but need to marinate on this quite a bit more. I'd love to hear what you think about this very important topic!
Today on the Inflow blog we're talking about questionable ethics in content marketing. Add your voice to the conversation -
When it comes to content marketing and sensitive materials, it's critical to use sound judgment and foresight before getting involved in something viral.
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Thanks for sharing, Christy. I think we're still really mulling this over here too. With so many opportunities that come up, I feel more and more that it's critical to have that ethical beacon already established for both the agency brand and that of the client. 
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Christy Correll

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This lets me almost wrap my mind around how much data is flowing through the web's most popular Internet properties -- especially social platforms. And whoa! mind explodes
The Internet in RealTIme

The #data  transferred in #socialmedia  in #realtime  .
Quite scary actually.

#internet   #socialmediamarketing   #digitalmarketing  
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Marketers needed for +Rand Fishkin's newest project, IMEC Lab

Volunteers will help test and validate web marketing hypotheses. Get the details and application now at

And please reshare, thanks!
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+Christy Correll Thanks for sharing the first rule of IMEC is don't tell anyone ;)
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Think your Monday is busy? Check out what's going on in space today -- everything from rocket launches to lunar eclipses. Whee!
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Great post by +AJ Kohn of +Blind Five Year Old
The Totally Mathematical Reason Why Social Matters To SEO (It's Not What You Think It Is)
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So Google+ takes away +1 data and replaces it with "views", hmm ... does anyone know what the new metric actually measures -- and if +1 data will return? While I am not thrilled about this new change as it currently stands, I am hopeful that the +1 data will return, and that we will be rewarded for our patience with more post-level data (as mentioned by +Mike Allton in his blog post on +The Social Media Hat). Many thanks to Mike for sharing this!
While people and pages have always shown how many other people have circled them, Google has now added the ability to see how many times your profile or page has been Viewed. +Kenneth Manesse Sr. pointed out that now, on your profile page next to your follower count, there's a new metric called Views. The metric is there for both personal profiles and business Pages.
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Truer words never spoken ;)
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How Do You Overcome Marketing Overwhelm?

Overwhelmed with all the ways you can market your business online? The good news is this is normal, ya'll. The GREAT news is that it's curable... once you know what to do. In my first blog post  +ISOOSI Research Engine, I share exactly what you need to do to get unstuck, based on my experiences helping +Honey Tree Media clients do exactly that. What I'd really like to know, though, is what you do to overcome marketing overwhelm. What about your clients? Please share in the comments below, thanks! :) +Darren DeMatas +Lori Sailiata +Michelle Lowery 
Marketing your small business online can be overwhelming. Learn how to get unstuck and move forward in just five easy steps.
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+Christy Correll I focus on what I be as a person. I try not to let the work frustrate me and prevent me from being who I want to become.
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Does anyone have any great resources for keeping up with changes in multi-local SEO? Blogs, guides, forums, etc.  (Yes, I just looked through the resources section of this community. Good stuff in there, but didn't see anything on multi-local.) Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

PS - Please let me know if I should post this Q somewhere else, +Max Minzer. 
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BTW (just wanted to mention) - we have resources +Michael Fritzsche mentioned in community Resources section:
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I'm so sad I will won't be able to watch this live! I'll be less bummed, though, if you can make it to tomorrow's edition of  #maximpact . It's all about Social Analytics, folks, with featured guest +Jennifer Sable Lopez of +Moz.  RSVP here, now  -->  
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Google Analytics Diagnostic Feature Now in Beta

Just signed up for this new diagnostics features, and am excited to give this a whirl in GA, yaa! What about you? Do you have used this new #googleanalytics  feature (currently in beta), or are you on the waiting list?

h/t +MaAnna Stephenson 
+Google Analytics  has launched new beta feature called "Google Analytics Diagnostics", It can be helpful in several ways like, 

1. Missing or malformed Analytics tags 
2. Filters that conflict
3. Looking for the presence of (other) entries in reports

Learn more about this feature -

Register here  to  get access of diagnostics system on your own GA accounts 

#analytics   #measure   #googleanalytics  
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Have you changed your passwords (and security keys) on accounts affected by Heartbleed yet? Remember that you will need to change your password as soon as an affected site installs the fix. If you change your password before an affected site does their part, you'll need to do it again as they do install the fix - ASAP! Most reputable service providers and vendors are emailing users when they install the fix. I found some in my spam folder, so check yours, too!

To view the short list of major sites that were and were not affected by Heartbleed, and which ones have issued Fix SSL, click through to the Mashable article below. I've listed some other links that you may find helpful here. Please add to this list in the comments below, thanks!

Long list of popular sites that are vulnerable -

Check any site to see if it was affected  -

Check any site to see if the fix for Heartbleed has been installed, or N/A (Note: I cannot personally vouch for the reliability of this tool, but my random tests correlated with other reports) -

All about Heartbleed, a must-read for systems administrators -  
Heartbleed: A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.
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Get an inside look at how SEOmoz rebranded their social accounts when they became +Moz, and pick up loads of tips from +Erica McGillivray for making your own rebranding project a success.
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Gonna bookmark your site! Great stuff!
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