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Christy Birmingham
Blogger. Author. Poet. Word-Alignment-Specialist.
Blogger. Author. Poet. Word-Alignment-Specialist.

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A new review for Versions of the Self just went live today! Wow! This is a great weekend treat :)

#Indie #author

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If you need some uplifting words for your day, I hope this group of inspirational blog posts from across the WordPress universe will provide you with exactly that.

#motivation #blogging

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After you've been hurt by a romantic partner, how do you go back to trusting again? Here's my take on it.

#dating #relatinship

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Did your favorite action hero make the list? Great collection you've put together here, +amy caudill!


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Awesome interview - No wonder it was the top viewed post of 2017 for +Tina Frisco! Great answers in the interview, +Chris Graham


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So glad to hear your hubby is back home, +Debby Gies, and I'm sending you both much love ♥


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#sport is not just about competing or pushing your body; it’s also about expressing something. Express yourself while exercising so you have fun getting fit! These suggestions will get you started.

#exercise #fitness

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Beautiful Valentine's Day card! A special token of love for that special day in February or any other day of the year :) Great crafting from +Jennifer Smith-Kirk

#card #ValentinesDay #love

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Chocolate Porridge! I want to try making this one :)


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Physical or emotional pain can take a toll on your daily life. When it happens, here are some ways to manage the pain.

#health #lifestyle
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