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Christy Birmingham
Blogger. Author. Poet. Word-Alignment-Specialist.
Blogger. Author. Poet. Word-Alignment-Specialist.

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Here are the most common summer illnesses to watch for in your kids and how to deal with them panic-free.

#health #summer #kids

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Opened in 1732, the Livaria Bertrand holds the Guinness record as the world’s oldest bookstore still in operation.

Thanks +stuart richman for telling me about it!

#books #reading

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For some sufferers, the pain never subsides, making it hard to #sleep or get comfortable. Learn to manage the pain, sooner rather than later.


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Building up your DIY skills in these specific areas can help you save money over time

#money #DIY #home

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Smile spreading is an essential part of the day!

Thanks +Liz Hall for bringing this one to my attention :)
Positivity and Encouragement..

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Here are 5 good habits that allow you to enjoy your health for as long as possible

#health #lifestyle

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Improve your day with these helpful tips. I like #19 and many of the others. How about you?


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Are you lying to yourself? Half truths, anyone? Let's dig into this one.

#addiction #health

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Looking to try an unusual sport? Here are a few suggestions!


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Such an honor to be over at Barbara Franken's site today to talk about compassion as it relates to blogging. I am feeling truly blessed.

#blogging   #compassion  
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