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Atlas moth is the largest known moth with a 10-12 inch wingspan.

Moths outnumber butterflies by 10 to 1 and they are important polinators.  There are 11000 species in the US alone, more than bird and mammal species combined.  Some moths live only one week and during their life they don't eat, having no mouth.  For more amazing facts about moths, see  

I hope more people will consider majoring in science, math or engineering.  The world would be a better place if more people knew more science, since we would find solutions much faster to the challenges we face. :)    Science & technology allow for a lot of artistic expression, so one can do art while being a geek or nerd. :)

Science will allow us to bring what is thought of as sci-fi or magic into the everyday reality, things like curing aging or eternal youth, telepathy, teleportation, shapeshifting, physical immortality, world peace as explained in the tech-filled videos at (some videos feature the Google Director of Engineering who talks about Physical Immortality often). 
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What great directions how to use it? Why can't all bottle came with this
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These robot's are so cool
That spider robot has some serious dance moves. :)
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Newest Honda ASIMO Robot Moves Like A Human:
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Please help
The Texas Dep. of Transportation is SCREWING A Family Hobby Center!

Please take 1 minute to sign this petition and help out!

Mike's Hobby Shop has been providing recreational hobby facilities for children, Scouts, young adults, and adult North Texans for over 26 years.  Located on I-35 in Carrollton, Mike's Hobby Shop provides over 51,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including 3 remote control (RC) car tracks, a Pinewood derby car track, a space for indoor electric aircraft and helicopter flying, as well as a retail store with sales and in-store service.

Due to the I-35 corridor expansion, however, The State of Texas has begun proceedings to take half of the facility through the eminent domain process. The line that defines the portion of the property being sought by the state literally cuts through all 3 RC car tracks, rendering the entire facility useless in terms of its current operation.

By law, the State of Texas has the right to take a landowner's property.  Still, they must compensate the landowner fairly.  Despite fair, honest, good faith work by Mike's Hobby Shop owner Mike Darnell, the 
state is insisting only purchasing half of his building, and is using real estate comparables from other parts of the metroplex that come in at 30% of the actual value of the land.   

Faced with having to renovate and sell the remaining half of the building, and being offered a sub-market acquisition price by the state, Mike won't be able to afford to re-open the facility and will be permanently forced to close.
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Have him in circles
84 people
just having fun with please put a comment what you think.
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So right
Only 220?  I got 750 today, not including my social media notifications. (sure a lot of you have that beat)
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Anyone like to this.
for the first 15 people to sign up

OK, I am going to open the doors on Monday for the first 15 people who take action. Watch for my post Monday morning...and be ready. Once I have 15, I am going to close the site until May 1st when we officially start letting people prepare yourself!

Some of the things you will be able to do

☑ Create complete membership sites
☑ Create your own affiliate program
☑ Complete email autoresponder system
☑ Block content from non-paying members
☑ Drip content based on sign up date
☑ Manage UNLIMITED members
☑ Complete helpdesk for supporting your members
☑ And much much more

I am exited to be launching stay tuned, and GET READY!
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So funny
Yep, they can never get the shot quite right:
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+Cali Lewis, +John Pozadzidesand +David Foster here is some pictures from the place l live. It was great talking to you last night.
John Pozadzides's profile photoCali Lewis's profile photo
I second that. ;-)
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it nice but only open in the summer
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Best fish and chips
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A great church
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