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It got sent to the wrong address at first, but here it is in Southern Illinois!

Anyone else wishing we could get Gareth to write us some campaigns for Epic and Adventurer tiers to go along with this beast?

First, I'd like to thank +Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan  for giving the world the beautiful gift of the swordapus.

Since I was pestering the community for info on Eyes of the Stone Thief earlier, I figure the least I can do is give you my first impressions on this 360-page monster after a cursory flip-through. Also, +Stephen Abel and +Wade Rockett  have pointed out that there's an excellent breakdown for adapting several of the Stone Thief's dungeon levels to an existing, non-Stone Thief-y campaign on Pelgrane's site at

So, first off, the book is big and pretty. The decision to go full color, in my opinion, was absolutely worth it. Not only does the full color treatment look great, but the way the color was rendered also gives the book a look that's very in line with the core, but still very distinct. It might have been kind of a 11th (or maybe 13th?) hour decision, but it's honestly a look I think I'd like to see more of.

If you're looking for a Champion tier campaign, or even a set of individual Champion tier dungeons, then obviously it's got you covered. You can probably guess that it also works as a great Champion tier addition to the Bestiary. There are, by my count, 75 magic items, most of which are Champion or Epic tier, with many being trivial to scale down.

So... what if you're not looking to loot and pillage Champion tier resources? Well, the book's got you covered there too. Sprinkled throughout the book are a great number of little resources, things like examples on how to vary encounters based on how alert the enemy forces are (big surprise: it takes cues from the Escalation die) or for fighting alongside allied forces or in a big battle (ditto, except modeled more like Relationship dice). These aren't big, chunky mechanics, but rather just tiny little twists, knobs and dials that add a little variety to fights. Then you've got factions, quests and locations. which, while certainly tied to the campaign could be decoupled from it and used straight, or given a twist for your campaign.

And then there's the worm-carriages.

And then there's my new favorite monster ever, the swordapus.

Anyone picked up Eyes of the Stone Thief yet? Is it as amazing as we were all expecting?

I've got a handful of questions about +13th Age stuff by Kobold Press.

1) First, I love +ASH LAW's treatment of the Bestiary and Deep Magic, but will there ever come a day when we get something like a big, high profile, Kickstarter-worthy product like Deep Magic or Southlands specifically for 13th Age? As long as you guys keep converting stuff at a high quality, I'll be happy as a clam to buy it, but I'd love to see you guys tackle the game specifically, rather than as a conversion.

2) The PF version of Deep Magic has spells spread out among a bunch of classes, but the 13th Age version gives them all to wizards, with the option of other classes investing a talent. It's almost trivially easy to decide which spells should also be open to say, clerics or bards in the 13th Age version, but is there any reason in particular why everything starts out as a wizard spell by default in the 13th Age Compatible Edition?

3) A lot of the spells I've read so far have all the necessary details for the mechanics side of thing, but lack the detailed, fluffy description from the Pathfinder edition. (Eclipse Ray is the first one that comes to mind.) Were they omitted for space and time, or is the assumption that a lot of people who are interested in the 13th Age edition also have the PF version?

4) Just what is that critter on the cover of the Midgard Bestiary? I think I've read through the book twice, and I must've missed the critter each time. Is it just a cool looking beastie, or something that is out there in Pathfinder Stats-ylvania, but hasn't made it to 13th Age yet?

5) Any chance we'll ever get enough 13th Age attention to warrant our own subcategory here?

Again, I'm loving the 13th Age love we've got so far, and I really, really hope you guys keep it coming for a long, long time.

So we've got two books that give us some cursory info on Midgard (and though it's for Pathfinder, the campaign setting book is mostly fluff) and I know there's Primeval Thule, and we've got 13th Age in Glorantha, Dragon Kings and Karthun in the pipeline somewhere... what other settings are getting the 13th Age treatment?

So, a while ago a few of us were working on a big fan expansion to martial/non-caster primary classes. I haven't heard anything about that in a while. Any of you guys still out there?

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Well, look what just popped up in Southern Illinois! I didn't even know this little beauty was going to ship yet. I'll have to dig into it after game tonight. Anyone else get theirs yet?

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I love minis. I love cheap minis more. Even more than that, I love cheap alternatives to minis that look cool that I don't have to feel guilty about not painting. I think I love these.
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Southern Illinois, reporting in!

With the Bestiary and 13 True Ways both out in the wild, (at least the digital wilds, anyway) I've been wondering how open the mechanics in the books will be. Any word on what, if anything, will be added to the SRD?
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