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Christopher Ware

Is github having a hard time keeping up with all the work being done on this rom?

So, any day now, right?

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This is the menu for chrome dev with latest Swift Black. Happens on newest pure Nexus and stock 7.1.1. Anything I can do to fix this menu?

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Did anyone ever figure out why ok Google detection is turning itself off?

Flashed everything cleanly, but when I try to turn Always On for the Google app vice search it just immediately turns itself off. All permissions are set accordingly. Anyone have any ideas? It worked fine before the flash on stock nougat.

D850, on latest candysix mm, but I've noticed this on every mm ROM so far: fitbit flex (one with hr monitor) laying about 1.5 days on battery. Switching to cloudy fixes the battery drain, which leads me to believe it has something to do with the Bluetooth in these roms

Where can i find cm 13 nightlies for the d850?

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Cloudy 2.5. Not 6 hours that some of you get, but this is an hour better than I've ever gotten before on my d850. Auto screen brightness and greenify.
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Whats the trick to getting xposed installed on Cloudy?  I flashed the zip and then installed the apk, but it keeps acting like it isn't initialized yet.

Is there any way to turn off the nav bar and get slimpie on cloudy?
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