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laborare pugnare parati sumus
laborare pugnare parati sumus

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My nephew is apparently now some kind of professor.

Jerk cop directs people past the entrance then won't let us in from the other side.

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Fire. Sprinklers didn't work. Everything lost.

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SMTP STS: Better approach client-side

+Steve Gibson

By your description, I don't like SMTP STS either. I think a better idea would be to address the problem from the client side. What if the proposers of STS, who handle a large amount of the world's email, made public a policy to advantage encrypted connections over unencrypted ones? Our experience with the SHA2 certificate conversion shows that this can work, even if it is painful.

In the SHA2 transition, Google used Chrome warnings to bring progressively greater pressure as a publicly-stated deadline approached. For mail, Google could begin by delaying messages that must cross a non-secure hop. Or, their knowledge of their own flows would allow them to predict, and therefore present to the Gmail user, that the message will be sent without encryption. No provider "XYZ" wants to be mentioned in the warning, "Your message to will be sent without encryption because cannot receive messages securely." Eventually, Google could even bounce messages, with "Encryption required but not available." They could permit users or corporate customers to opt in, then opt out, and eventually remove the option.


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We're thrilled to announce our newest program, Hylanders for Hylanders, an employee-funded emergency assistance program that provides financial relief to colleagues in need: #HylandLife #GiveBack

The word is verbiage, not "verbage."

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Congratulations, +MLB .  Thanks to your onerous, data-greedy ticketing process, tomorrow's will be the last game I attend.
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