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Hey Everyone!

Total Newbie to all of this so I am sorry if this is an easy question but I've spent a few hours trying to find the answer to no avail. Also, apologies in advance if this is an inelegant way of explaining what I want to accomplish:

My band is going on tour and I want to create a light show using LED strips similar to the second Youtube Link below. We play to a click track so I'd like to write a light show in a DAW using midi where each note represents a light

What I want to do, is go into a DAW (first Youtube Link) and write a light show to tempo for each song. I think the easiest way would be to then export those individual songs to the Pi and make a Playlist for our set that I can control with just a simple Play//Stop//Forward//Backward button set up (I saw chivalry timberz blogpost about this).

Thank you so so much in advance!

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