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Nostalgia bomb of the day: the "Expressionist" desk accessory for old-sk00l MacOS. Eat your heart out, TeX.

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2500 year old Siberian tattoos. So awesome!

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Yeah -- this.

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I have a new musical crush: Dessa.

She's an ... indie alternative hip hop artist? Not my usual run of music, I must admit -- but I was taken unawares and absolutely blown away. I love love LOVE the way she turns phrases, and the quality of her delivery. Smart, clean, incisive, and a freaking gut punch when called for.


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If nothing else, at least the quotes in this article provide a refreshing break from hypocrisy. The argument against hate-crimes laws which include sexual orientation is simple: these laws are a Trojan horse. If they prevent us from beating and killing people, next they'll prevent us from discriminating against them as well.

The "First Amendment Defense Act" (a bill just as disturbing as its faux-patriotic title implies) follows a similar vein: the idea is that discrimination against the LGBTQ community is such a fundamental tenet of people's religious faith that it requires special protection; no law must ever touch it. That bill doesn't even pretend at impartiality; it specifically lists which religious tenets it protects. Religions, or people, who don't agree receive no protection at all.

This is just a sample of the sort of vile world that men like Mike Pence and James Dobson [eliding the curses which go with their names] mean to create: one in which hatred is elevated to a holy value, and their sick parody of Christianity is a state religion.

What LED bulbs should I buy today?

I just had a Cree 75W-equivalent (13.5W actual, ~1100 lumens, 2700K color temperature) go bad. It's only about two years old, very far short of its alleged 25,000 hour lifespan. I am Not Pleased with the Cree brand now.

Astonishingly, places like Wirecutter / Sweethome seem to think that Cree are the pick of the current crop. This astonishes me. I'm guessing that nobody ever reviews for lifespan -- oops!

So what do you good gentlepeople recommend? I'm particularly looking for A19 [or, if necessary, A21] form factor, sunlight spectrum or similar. 3200K is probably the farthest up the color-temperature range that I'll consider; above that things start looking terribly blue/purple and glaring to me.

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What the actual hell...?
This is so far into "what the fuck?" space that I have no idea what to even make of it. Cadillac was prepping a TV ad spot which would feature people from "all walks of life in America" who would be "standing together as a union."

The casting call which they sent out included a role for "alt-right (neo-Nazi)" principals, male or female, ages 20-40, of any ethnicity. It specified that they wanted "real alt-right thinkers!," not simply actors.

When people spotted this and started sharing the casting call on social media, the agency responded by removing the "(neo-Nazi)" part, but leaving the rest of the casting call as-is. This then got the attention of Cadillac, which promptly disavowed the ad in a Facebook post, and the casting agency now says that the person who wrote the listing has been sacked.

I won't try to guess who was actually responsible for this.

But I will file this under people feeling that Nazis are increasingly part of the legitimate spectrum of the American experience, the sort of people you would want to represent in a "rainbow of America." And if that part doesn't scare the hell out of you, nothing will.

Anybody happen to know where I might buy a good pair of surgical scissors? In particular, I'd like 6" or so straight blunt/blunt. My first thought was hey, Amazon! but it turns out that there's a ton of absolute garbage in this realm. A semi-random pick with apparent good ratings turned up with essentially no bevel on the cutting edge, and worse with a very rough grind. I'd have to completely regrind the edge just to match a pair of $12 Fiskars, and that isn't the point.

I want the real deal: heavy stainless, very smooth action and inner face, proper bevel and finely honed edge. Help?

TIL: Wikipedia punishes you for logging in by making the text harder to read.
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