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Christopher Tarr
Moving mountains, making magic, and enabling creative geniuses.
Moving mountains, making magic, and enabling creative geniuses.

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So summer is in full swing - right? (As I see 50 and rain today)

Lots of things to see and do this time of year. Of course, the Brewers are doing really well, and watching a game at Miller Park is always a good time. There's Leon's for custard, 7 Mile Fair for whatever, and (if you hadn't heard) they've expanded Mars Cheese Castle!

Get out there and tell us what we should be experiencing!

So...who's ready for spring? Where are some of your favorite springtime spots? Where would you recommend someone go to alleviate cabin fever?

I'm pretty much over this roller coaster weather! Fortunately it looks like it might be a nice weekend to go out exploring. I know I'm suffering from a little cabin fever - especially after the nice weather a few weekends ago!

Looking forward to being able to spend a little time at the lakefront soon.

We're up to over 70 members! Feel free to start a discussion about anything of interest in the area. We're here to talk about points-of-interest: Where do you like to go? Where do you like to eat? What was your experience like shopping at a certain store? Have a question about a town or event? Ask away! We're a community here.

By the way, feel free to discuss anything you'd like. I'd also love to hear from other Local Guides, like JD did below!

It's the first big snowfall of the year! Be safe out on the roads today as you go out exploring. Better yet, stay home and watch the Packers!

Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, let's talk Christmas lights. What displays and/or neighborhoods do you all recommend? We hit the display at Country Springs every year. There's a fee, but it's an excellent display!

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I believe I'm being watched. 

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Of course I said yes. What am I, some kind of monster??

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Norman has got some hops!

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There's something that's still odd about upgrading software in a transmitter...
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