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I recall hearing from the experts that this year the cicada numbers are quite low.  Certainly that familiar cicada noise did seem absent for some time, but not now.  We seem to have plenty of the wee creatures around in our garden ... and on the washing I might add.  Anyway, whilst out in the garden thinking how dry it is and how the leaves seem to be changing colour ... hopefully because of the heat rather than the approach of winter ... I couldn't help but notice several of the cicada skins on my silver birch trees.  It always amazes me how much detail of the creature remains and how little of the old skin is damaged as the creature emerges.  Looking at the photos below you'll see its claws, hairs etc. etc.  Quite amazing.
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Eve O-R
Yes I do but don't know how to upload them on google!
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Here's a few snaps from a little earlier today.  The plan was to take some photos of the "Bleeding Heart Vine", but in amongst the leave and blooms there was this wee beastie that I couldn't resist trying to capture with my camera.  Very active, jumping from leaf to leaf and swaying about too.  Single flash used off camera for many of the shots but oh so hard to focus!  Anyway, hopefully these images may inspire you to look for things other than the flowers on your plants ... you never know who may be lurking under the leaves ;-)
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Thank you +Roxana Di Bello​. So pleased you like the photos.
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So many weeds in my garden ... in the "lawn"!!  Really need to get my son out on mowing, weeding and other general gardening duties ;-)
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Thank you +Imran Ur Rehman :-)
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One of the main reasons for taking my camera to the gardens today was to try a few shots of the dahlias.  Last night we had a spot of rain, so things were a bit wetter than I'd have liked ... the shimmery effect on the petals is as a result of the overnight downpour!  Also, I got there later than I'd hoped so it was rather breezier than I would have liked.  Nevertheless, here's a photo of one of the many dahlia at the Botanic Gardens ... I hope you like.
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Glad you like +Am Saowarot :-)
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Christopher Stott

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I've been making a few trips out to the coast over the past few days and keep passing this rather lovely old church.  Such a pretty little chapel so I thought you might, on this Sunday, like to take a look both in and outside  "The Church of St. Thomas", Whitford, New Zealand.
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I'm not sure how many times I've driven past, but have only stopped the once +Eve O-R.  Quite lovely so I suspect I'll stop again :-)
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Got a chance to head down to the back of my garden to see how well the butterfly friendly gardening is progressing.  Here's a few photos you might like.  Three show a monarch caterpillar and what looks like an old skin it may have shed.  Not sure about this ... maybe someone can enlighten me?  The other photo is an underside view of the swan plant flower.  

#monarchbutterfly   #swanplant   #milkweed  
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Thank you +Kristy Belaney​ :-)
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Christopher Stott

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Well, a few weeks ago I noticed this rather lovely hibiscus.  I'd seen the flowers and was impressed with the delicate pink colour as well as the shape of the bloom.  Many of the hibiscus in my garden are quite large, but this one was somewhat dainty in comparison.  Anyway, I managed to take a small cutting and, after a few weeks, noticed some roots. After potting on the plant look how I've been rewarded!  As you can see, the plant is still quite small ... but what a gorgeous flower.
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Lara F
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Christopher Stott

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Quite a few plants seem to have suffered in the dry conditions and heat we've been enjoying over the past few weeks.  This sunflower, however, seems more than happy with the weather conditions!
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Es la naturaleza... 
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I bit of hibiscus for your amusement.  The main bit in fact, from a reproductive perspective!
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Thank you +Roxana Di Bello​ :-)
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Christopher Stott

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Don't seem to have been on here in AGES!  Anyway, this morning I managed a walk up to the Botanic Gardens.  For you folks suffering in the northern hemisphere's winter here's a bit of summer colour for you.
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Thank you +Roxana Di Bello​ :-)
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Christopher Stott

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Rather a pleasant wine, El Burro (
Kickass Garnacha 2012). Great aroma and rather a pleasant taste too. A somewhat tricky cork to extract, hence the use of gardening gloves for a little extra "traction" on the corkscrew ;-)
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Haha!  Very true +Jacinthe Tetrault ;-)
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Here's an evening shot of some bougainvillea on my boundary fence.  Always get a great blast of colour from these plants.  Interesting is that the flower is in fact the wee white thing in the centre of the red bracts.  I always thought the red was the petals of the flower.  Not so.  The red are colourful bracts and the flowers are the tiny white things in the centre.

#bougainvillea   #bougainvilleaflower  
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Music photographer from South Auckland, New Zealand.
Freelance photographer working with local live musicians as well as enjoying the flora and fauna of New Zealand to produce the images you see here. If you want photographs of your band or yourself - get in touch.

I've been taking photographs for over thirty years. Starting with a half-frame Konica camera loaded with Kodachrome film, everything was a potential subject to be photographed. Nothing has changed since those Konica days as you will see as you look through some of my images here on G+. Images range from rusty car parts through landscapes, sunsets and models to musicians playing live on stage. The two areas of landscape imagery and musicians performing live are the ones that have a special appeal presently, but that doesn’t stop me from taking up the challenge of a new subject matter.

Moving away from film to digital has allowed me to continue to explore my love of black and white imagery but also to investigate new opportunities, such as HDR, that the digital medium provides. Using digital equipment with a range of focal lengths provides more opportunities that those of the old Konica camera, but I still employ the old strategies of getting the image correct in camera rather than relying on post production work.

I was born in England and studied Mathematics at Warwick University where I took full advantage of the University’s darkrooms processing black and white film exposed in my trusty Pentax MX camera. I'm happy to say I still have my old Pentax that I bought in downtown Amman, Jordan back in 1979. However, I now prefer to use a digital SLR and use a computer to edit the images rather than film and the darkroom.

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