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Marketing Specialist & Serial Entrepreneur
Marketing Specialist & Serial Entrepreneur

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Very annoying that Google are finally dragging reports out of the spreadsheet only stone age but this service is not yet available in the UK.

C'mon Google, you've got enough resources to sort this out, especially as I have US clients too.

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The Hoth is one of a very small number of SEO service providers I find worth paying attention to.

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I was asked to write a marketing 2015 guide, so I did!

Constructive criticism, plaudits and brickbats all welcome...

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Tamebay asked me to write a guide to digital marketing in 2015, so I did!

I hope you find it some combination of helpful/useful/interesting/enjoyable.

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Here we go!

Why is it that in this era of globalization that Google still treats its Partners like provincial noobs?

Although I am in the UK, over 80% of my clients are not and I am therefore at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to promotional vouchers.

From Google Vouchers Eligibility Conditions
"The account's billing country needs to be the same as the primary country of your Partners account."

Any chance you can sort this out?

Google Trademarks Policy

Adwords policy allows protected trademarks in ad copy if a client is a reseller and the landing page clearly conveys that.

However, they don't allow protected trademarks in sitelink extensions without explicit approval from the trademark rights holder.

Anybody got any idea why that is as it seems totally illogical?

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Frosty morning with added bunny!

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Found this handsome creature in the garden today
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