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How incredible is this!
Stem cells & light restore paralysed muscle
A genetic tweak can make light work of some nervous disorders. Using flashes of light to stimulate modified neurons can restore movement to paralysed muscles. A study demonstrating this, carried out in mice, lays the path for using such “optogenetic” approaches to treat nerve disorders ranging from spinal cord injury to epilepsy and motor neuron disease.

In the latest study, a team led by Linda Greensmith of University College London altered mouse stem cells in the lab before transplanting them into nerves in the leg – this means they would be easier to remove if something went wrong.

Muscles in action
Greensmith’s team inserted an algal gene that codes for a light-responsive protein into mouse embryonic stem cells. They then added signalling molecules to make the stem cells develop into motor neurons, the cells that carry signals to and from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. They implanted these into the sciatic nerve – which runs from the spinal cord to the lower limbs – of mice whose original nerves had been cut.

After waiting five weeks for the implanted neurons to integrate with the muscle, Greensmith’s team anaesthetised the mice, cut open their skin and shone pulses of blue light on the nerve. The leg muscles contracted in response. “We were surprised at how well this worked,” says Greensmith.

Breathing restoration
To make the technique practical for use in people, the researchers are developing a light-emitting diode in the form of a cuff that would go around the nerve, which could be connected to a miniature battery pack under the skin.

They are also trying to develop an alternative to using embryonic stem cells, as these would require the recipient to take drugs to stop their immune system attacking the transplanted neurons. Instead the team is working with induced pluripotent stem cells, cells that have been reprogrammed to behave like embryonic stem cells, but can be made from a small sample of the intended recipient’s own skin.

The team’s first goal is to help people with motor neuron disease who lose the ability to control their breathing muscles. “Walking involves contracting about 40 different muscles in complex sequences,” says Greensmith. “Breathing is very simple – one muscle contracts and relaxes.”

They plan to test the restoration of breathing ability in pigs, and are developing a pacemaker that could repeatedly illuminate the phrenic nerve in the chest, which controls the diaphragm.

Other groups are exploring different therapeutic applications of optogenetics, including treatments for epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Stimulating neurons with light can restore movement to paralysed mouse muscles; a step towards using "optogenetic" approaches to treat nerve disorders.
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Stem cells and light restore paralysed muscles
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Great info, Chris! Thanks!
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Christopher Prins

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+Fancy Uses Major Loop Hole In The Law To Use Your Images
Look out! There's yet another loophole for companies to take your images and use them (for profit) without your permission. Check out this article on +Fstoppers by Gary Martin. 
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Some might argue that created an "attractive nuisance" since the business model encourages (via an indirect bounty) hotlinking to copyrighted materials not owned by the poster -- and the cropping system encourages stripping watermarks.   (I wouldn't make those arguments since IANAL.)   I'm not sure the DMCA safe harbor provisions offer protection for that.

Blocking the referrer at the server or CMS level might go a long way towards fixing that problem (blocking image hot-linking) -- I can't think of any reason to allow it given that kind of usage pattern.  (Come to think of it, why would anyone allow hot-linking if they're concerned about people respecting their image copyrights?)

On a related note, Google's image search uses a variety of techniques so they can display your site's images within the search results pages, in a way that seems designed to keep users engaged on and rather than driving them to your site.  Does Google profit from that?   Of course, even if indirectly.  I suppose one could argue that we gain some increased traffic from Google image search, though others have observed a significant decline since they rolled out their newer image search.
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Looking for freelance work? 
Follow my stream of freelance jobs on twitter: 
#photoshop   #photography    #graphicdesign   #freelance  
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Christopher Prins

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Super excited to be added to the +Boom Video agency as a Boom blogger, happy days. You'll also find other rather dashing Boom-bloggers such as: +Leigh Diprose, +Anthony Moore, and +Ren Lok.. G'day guys.

#boomvid  +Nicole Thomas 
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Looking forward to working closer with you all! :)
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Australians for Climate Action

I'd like to invite you all to view this open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott & Opposition Leader Bill Shorten asking for stronger, meaningful climate action. 

If you agree with the open letter and feel that the government should aim higher on climate change, then why not show your support by signing the open letter, or even by plussing and sharing the post.

kindest regards,

#climatechange #australia +getupaustralia 
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Guy N D
The problem not really being addressed is pollution, a carbon tax won't change that.
Only the individual can.
The climate changelings think the government should do it all.
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See that image of the sunset? It’s pretty, right? How could something so ordinary be a threat? But before you start emailing it to everyone in your contacts list, you might want to take notice of a malware that could be hiding within photos of sunsets, cats, and anything seemingly innocent, which could hack into your bank account. That’s according to research revealed by security software company Trend Micro, which encountered a malware called TSPY_ZBOT.TFZAH that uses steganography to conceal “configuration files.”
via +Digital Trends 
#photography #malware #security  
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Woah! This is certainly a technique I've never considered when shooting flora photos. Check out these stunning shots by Mo Devlin on +PetaPixel 
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+Georgia Mizuleva you're very welcome. 
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Christopher Prins

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Ever gone on a photographic tour of the US? Where was your favorite place to photograph? 
The stunning image below is actually a frame out of a video by +Brand USA, Inc.. You can view the entire video here:
If you're also keen on finding out more about travelling to the US, I'd suggest you check out:  (+Discover America)
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Nicely done
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Great place to take the family, and the food is fantastic. My only problem is the $2.85 fee for using their ATM, wow!
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Great service, friendly, served by Kim.
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Close to everything you need.
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Friendly staff and a great service.
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