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Christopher Orr
Developer of software, consumer of haggis.
Developer of software, consumer of haggis.

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Has Google just reinvented the RxJava wheel for Android?

Was 2.1.0-alpha5 removed from jcenter?

A colleague updated AS to 2.1 preview 5 and so had to update the Gradle plugin in their project. That worked fine on their machine, but later when the project was built on Jenkins, it couldn't find the Gradle plugin.

Looking on jcenter only shows 2.1.0-alpha4 and 2.0-rc1.

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I find it hard to believe that there's still no good way of just running Android instrumentation tests with `am instrument` and getting JUnit XML output.

If I've already built the APKs somewhere, I should be able to take those APKs and run the tests on any number of devices somewhere else, rather than having to clone and compile the whole project again in order to use `connected*AndroidTest`.

Anyway, thanks +Russell Collins for some handy hints.


Looks like JRebel for Android may be feeling the pressure from Instant Run...

"Not only have we released version 1.0, but our license price has come down as well. In fact we've cut our personal license from $149 down to just $49!
"As an early adopter, you paid a higher price for the annual license and to account for the difference we will be extending your license to a whopping 3 years."

I guess it's even less likely now that they'll remove the artificial restriction that stops personal licences from working with apps that happen to use a native library (e.g. Realm).  Nor do I think it will take the Android Tools team three years to catch up...


The Android Tools team must be quite proud of Multidex — they keep using Guava (~15k methods) as an example dependency in their talks... ;)


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I'm currently justifying my recent JRebel for Android purchase by noting how many things Instant Run doesn't (yet) support... ;)

JRebel has gotten fairly robust and handles a lot of weird situations smoothly, including adding/removing annotations (e.g. `@DebugLog`), changing anonymous classes, fiddling with Retrolambda and so on.

In any case, a bit of competition between the JRebel and Android teams can only be a good thing for us developers!


Hey +Ilya Grigorik​​​​​, do you know why Chrome 48 seems to send `Accept: ∗/∗` for image requests?  I've seen this on both Linux and OS X desktops.

Chrome 46 is sending `Accept: image/webp,image/∗,∗/∗;q=0.8` — which is great, as I've been using content negotiation to serve WebP whenever possible.

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Timed publishing for Google Play has arrived which — according to my Google Play Developer Console — lets you "control the specific moment that your updates go live."

Rather than going live immediately after uploading new APKs, or editing your listing, you can now control when changes will actually be published by hitting the "Go live" button — at this point, all users should be able to see your new APK and other updates "within minutes".
(i.e. it's not like the Apple App Store, where you can specify the date and time at which an update will be automatically released)

However, there's still the arbitrary delay of "up to a few hours", so you won't have the chance to upload an APK and hit "Go live" immediately.

Like with all new Google Play Developer Console features, I also won't hold my breath on this being added to the Google Play Publishing API...


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I just discovered that Android can enable a "default password" for full-disk encryption, meaning that your device will be unencrypted automatically at boot time — and this is enabled simply by turning on any accessibility service.

This user experience is just awful — I was going a bit crazy trying to figure out why my phone suddenly no longer required a password to boot...
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