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Christopher O'Malley
"It's not always enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required." -Winston Churchill
"It's not always enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required." -Winston Churchill

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My opinion article in Nextgov titled, "If I Were the Federal CIO: Setting Priorities in the Digital Age."

Too much energy is wasted on debating IT platforms that provide no inherent business value while too little inspiration is invested on ideas for better serving citizens. The rebel yell of "cloud first" should be replaced with "citizens first" & the cries from Silicon Valley of "rip, rewrite & replace" should be replaced with "let's build on what works well within the goals of delivering worthy ideas for better serving citizens in their experiences with Federal services while being vigilant in our duty to taxpayers for fiscal responsibility."

Thoughtful comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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Welcome to the comment that +CA Technologies desperately does not want you to read.

CA and IBM, in a suspiciously, duopoly-esque mutual admiration campaign, jointly promoted a blog by CA's Ashok Reddy (who left IBM to join CA...hmmm...and is now overseeing some of the biggest budget cuts in the history of the mainframe software industry) that detailed his excitement for blockchain and hyper-scale cloud. Mr. Reddy wrote, "Whether we call it mainframe or hyperscale cloud, we are on the cusp of something big and CA is delighted to be part of this ecosystem and journey."

Most certainly, it's essential to have a vision of and for the future, but it's best to not be caught idly looking up at the clouds when you are sinking in quick sand.

To bring the situation back to reality, I left the comment below on Mr. Reddy's blog and it was deleted. I tried posting my comment again and it was deleted again. When a company obviously fears the truth and deliberately "deletes" rightfully challenging comments rather than accepting responsibility, what is a customer of this alarming situation to do?

Here is the comment CA desperately does not want you to read:

Meanwhile back in a land called "Reality," CA mainframe customers toil in the frustration of inferior and outdated CA mainframe application development tools. You may be excited about Hyperscale Cloud and Blockchain, but your customers aren't excited about the past, present or future of Intertest, File Master, Symdump, Mainframe Application Tuner or Endevor nor are they excited about the stabilization of Panvalet and Librarian nor are they excited about the death of CA's last great hope for mainframe innovation - Chorus - nor are they excited by the decision to add yet another competing workload tool to CA's existing gaggle that already fight against each other for a morsel of CA's ever decreasing mainframe R&D budget.

I do agree with Mr. Reddy's comment, "Companies will need help to keep up with the onslaught of new services on the mainframe – now DevOps is a must-have to handle continuous change.." Compuware is an authentic mainframe software partner designed and dedicated to "truly helping mainframe customers" necessarily mainstream the mainframe to thrive within Agile/DevOps methods and it shows in everything we do. Compuware has delivered, as promised, 10 consecutive quarters of ground breaking new capabilities, enhancements to our classic offerings and integrations with preferred DevOps tools. We don't just squawk about Agile and DevOps, we live it...all day...every day!

Dear CA Mainframe Customers, Compuware would love the opportunity to earn your trust and truly help you achieve what CA knows to be crucial, but fails over and over again to deliver as required. Please give Compuware a call and you can always email me at We've never been more willing, ready and able to help in areas that matter most to mainframe customers.


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Brilliant interview by a self-proclaimed mainframe cynic that provides his take:

"In bringing Agile & DevOps to the mainframe, O’Malley’s Compuware is taking an approach to mainframe application development that no one else has yet bothered to try. It’s a worthwhile experiment & may yet prove that there’s still life left in these erstwhile dinosaurs of the enterprise computing landscape."

For those with an innovative edge; will to win; & courage to decide, a mainstreamed mainframe delivers a competitive advantage for large enterprises.

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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: Mainstreaming the Mainframe

In 2017, we expect many mainframe organizations will make great strides towards ‘mainstreaming’ their mainframes, empowering the large enterprises using them to deliver better digital customer experiences.

Compuware has never been more ready, willing and able to help enterprises break down mainframe silos and spark an innovative culture that thrives within an Agile process under the dominion of DevOps artisans leveraging their preferred DevOps tools. We are remaking the IBMz mainframe to be difference only in syntax from other platforms.

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"+Compuware Reinvents Itself After Midlife Crisis" - interview with the Detroit Free Press.

Over the last 30 months, Compuware has come far as a company, an inventor & a strategic partner. We wake up with the inspiration of a startup in full Agile/DevOps execution. After nine consecutive quarters of delivering ground-breaking capabilities, enhancements to classic offerings & integrations/partnership with leading DevOps tools while successfully integrating four savvy acquisitions, we've gone where no other mainframe software vendor has gone before with essential achievements no one thought possible.

Compuware would love to help your enterprise mainstream the mainframe.

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+Compuware Acquires MVS Solutions to Extend Enterprise Customers’ Cross-Platform #DevOps Capabilities. #IBMz

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Fantastic article based on my interview wth John K. Waters titled, "+Compuware 's 'Mainframe Renaissance' Continues with Topaz Release MVS Solutions Acquisition" in Application Development Trends.

Please have a read & please let us know if you are interested in learning more about +Compuware 's unmatched ability at mainstreaming the mainframe to thrive within a DevOps culture & Agile process under the dominion of a new generation of empowered mainframe stewards wielding their DevOps tools of choice. +Compuware is ready & able to help!

I can always be reached at:

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+Compuware is making the news and making #IBMz mainframe history in necessarily mainstreaming the mainframe for the digital age.

Please give +Compuware a call. We've never been more capable and prepared to address your most urgent IBMz Agile and DevOps needs.

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+Compuware ISPW in the news as a Database Trends and Applications Trend-Setting Product for 2017.

Source Code Management and Automated Deployment are cornerstones to a successful Agile/DevOps transformation. ISPW, as opposed to CA Endevor, CA Panvalet, CA Librarian, Micro Focus/Serena ChangeMan and IBM Rational ClearCase, was designed with Agile development in mind. What strikes prospects first and foremost is ISPW's elegant simplicity. And, through our acquisition of ITegrations, we've automated the conversion from these outdated tools.
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