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Christopher Norulak
Student of biology, interests in technology, video games, and all things geek. Amateur YouTuber!
Student of biology, interests in technology, video games, and all things geek. Amateur YouTuber!

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Hm.... if certain planets (like Azeroth) are actually baby Titans, what happens to the inhabitants when it grows up into a Titan?


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On Thursday, May 26th - get ready for Space to expand!"

Pretty damn neat, and potentially a pretty big boon to space tourism and exploration.

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This really... bugs me.

Seriously though, that's pretty terrifying, specially if our efforts against climate change or Zika are any indication. It's no joke, and we need to stop treating antibiotics like some sort of magic tonic cure-all.

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Made in Unity by a Redditor, pretty awesome lol.

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Captain America: Civil War aka Avengers 2.5

Pretty awesome - the way the film came full circle back to the opening scene was pretty neat. The Spider-Man costume was kind of meh, but the action was pretty great and unlike Batman v Superman it felt pretty genuine for Cap and Tony to be fighting.

Definitely a go see.
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I've switched to Project Fi, but the rest of my family still uses and loves Republic Wireless. Its pretty awesome to see them get so many new phones.

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Really love what they did to Seven Nation Army, what a great trailer. Hopefully the game lives up to the hype.

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I wonder how long until they add hats, but $2 with no IAP is pretty nice.

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Your brain is a thesaurus!

Pretty interesting, though doesn't explain why I am so bad at coming up with synonyms.

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You know, if it were a launch title I would totally buy it on release.
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