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For anyone who is curious as to what I do when I'm not forcing information organization & data visualization theory into the heads of reluctant graphic design's a link to my latest project: the OCAD University 2012/13 Annual Report, in infographic form. It's a 10x24" two-sided vertical poster, which folds into a trifold configuration, and is scheduled to be included in the Winter 2014 issue of SKETCH, the OCAD University alumni magazine.

The "OCAD U in the World" choropleth map was particularly difficult, as it involved the simultaneous mapping of four sequential and three qualitative data classes. This section alone involved more work than the rest of the project put together, and was the last part finished. A PhD in cartography would definitely have proven useful.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
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Christopher Moorehead

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I can't wait to see how the right-wing hate machine is going to spin THIS one. Every time one of these wingnuts "exercises his Second Amendment rights", we're told that it's an "isolated case" that is "in no way typical of the conservative movement", despite the fact that it happens over & over again.

I predict that the right-wingers will pull out their "Hitler was a leftist" nonsense here, & claim that, therefore, as a neo-Nazi, Wade Michael Page was also a "leftist". Right...he sure looks like one, doesn't he?

In any event, most leftists are aware that Sikhs are not Muslims. Mental defectives like Page shouldn't be allowed near anything more dangerous than string, yet the NRA, its apologists, & the entire Republican Party believe that Page's fellow travellers should be allowed to own handguns, fully-automatic assault rifles, armour-piercing ammunition, &, I presume, surface-to-air missiles as well.

I fully expect that, when the fifth edition of Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is released next May, both "conservatism" & "Second Amendment fetishism" will be classified as mental disorders. Actually, I'm surprised they didn't make DSM-4.

How many more times does this have to happen before the Right wakes up & acknowledges the monster it has created?
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Tom Law
Barely mentioned in UK news - completely buried under Team GB hysteria.
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Christopher Moorehead

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Today James Newell Osterberg Jr, better known to the world as Iggy Pop, officially becomes a senior citizen. (Looks like you beat me to it, +Ray Percival!) I never thought I would live to see the day...& I certainly didn't think that HE would.

I have lost track of the number of live shows I've seen throughout my life, but Iggy is by far the most energetic performer that I have EVER seen. (Violent Femmes drummer Victor DiLorenzo places a distant, but still impressive, second.) It's not surprising that he appears to have close to 0% body fat...the manic intensity of his performances must burn thousands of calories. Merely WATCHING him is strenuous exercise in & of itself.

I have seen Iggy during both his "drug" & "clean" phases of his career, & I must admit that I really couldn't tell the difference. His legendary drug habits appeared to have had no effect on his energy level whatsoever. If this was Iggy on heroin, I'd hate to think of what he would be like on meth!

Here he is being carried on stage at the Manchester Apollo, October 1977, during the Lust for Life tour, for an extended version of "The Passenger". According to late Factory Records supremo Anthony H Wilson, Manchester new music show So It Goes, which Wilson hosted, was cancelled by Granada Television when Iggy said "fuck" on the air during the post-show interview. While this may be yet another Tony Wilson urban legend, it DOES indeed seem like the sort of thing that Iggy would do.

Happy birthday, & enjoy that Social Security cheque!
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Christopher Moorehead

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Chris Cunningham's 1997 video for "Come to Daddy", by demented British ambient genius Richard D James, better known to the world as Aphex Twin — a rare example of a video that rivals its subject in weirdness. This has it all — dystopic British tower blocks, canine urination, monsters ascending from television sets, & an army of mutated children all bearing James' evil grinning visage.

Despite (or perhaps BECAUSE OF) his eccentric & unwholesome personality traits, Richard D James remains one of my favourite electronic musicians, & I rank Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works 85-92 — some of which he recorded at the age of fourteen — among the greatest electronic albums of all time.

My eight-year-old son loves this video, & can even manage a passable Aphex-style grin. He & his older sister have already asked me to make them evil grinning Richard D James masks for Halloween. I intend to make enough for the entire school.
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Christopher Moorehead

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Rehearsal for Northside's "My Rising Star"...this track was probably the best thing released by iconic Manchester label Factory in its final years. I actually prefer this early version, from the documentary Madchester: The Sound of the North, to the final version appearing on the single, which was released in October 1990 with the Factory catalogue number FAC 298.

Northside were a great band with very bad timing...after a well-regarded debut album, Chicken Rhythms, they began recording their second album, but the November, 1992, bankruptcy of Factory prevented it from ever being released. By this time the world had changed, with the Manchester scene in decline as the musical universe shifted to Seattle following the September 24, 1991, release of Nirvana's Nevermind. Northside's time had passed, & the band soon broke up.

I often wonder whether Factory would have avoided financial ruin had CEO Anthony H Wilson devoted more resources to cultivating this band, rather than pouring all of Factory's cash into its spectacularly insolvent nightclub The Haçienda, & the myriad drug habits of The Happy Mondays.
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Christopher Moorehead

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, the overlords at Facebook have released a list, created from their extensive & allegedly private database, of what they claim are the most popular tracks for people starting a relationship & ending one.

Personally, I can't imagine being in a relationship with a person who would listen to ANY of this. Even my 12-year-old daughter would be desperately searching for an airsickness bag if she had to endure more than 30 seconds of the pre-digested, Auto-Tuned, saccharine pap listed here.

For the most part, I tend to prefer songs about the dark side of romance — obsessive jealousy, stalking, the vengeance of lovers scorned, old flames showing up unexpectedly at weddings, & other such weirdness. It's not the sort of stuff that ends up on a Hallmark Card, but it's much more reflective of human nature, & infinitely more interesting.

On that note, here's the track list from MY Valentine's Day mix for this year — the sort of thing that would have any sane person changing their locks & filing for an immediate restraining order.

THE SMITHS, Reel Around the Fountain
PJ HARVEY, Rid of Me
X, Johnny Hit & Run Paulene
GIN BLOSSOMS, Found Out About You
JOY DIVISION, Love Will Tear Us Apart
BILLY BRAGG, A New England
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, I Will Possess Your Heart
SEBADOH, Happily Divided
MASSIVE ATTACK, Dissolved Girl
THE SOFT BOYS, Insanely Jealous
BAT FOR LASHES, What's a Girl to Do?
YEAH YEAH YEAHS, Modern Romance
NEW ORDER, Every Little Counts
KATE BUSH, Get Out of My House

This is the sort of music I make my students listen to during studio classes, so it's probably a good thing that they're art/design students & are therefore, by definition, already disturbed. This is, after all, a school that requires incoming first-year students to read The Bell Jar as part of its core Liberal Studies program — something I would hesitate to do to my worst enemy.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
Just in time for Valentine's Day, the folks at Facebook have teamed up with Spotify to share the most popular tracks for people both starting a relationship
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Christopher Moorehead

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This is unbelievable. Our alleged mayor, Rob Ford, less than a week after he testified under oath at his own conflict-of-interest hearing that he does not use taxpayer-funded staff & resources to coach football, is caught doing exactly that. Even more incredible, he hired, with taxpayer funds, a "special assistant" whose main qualification is that he was a former star quarterback at the University of Toronto.

On Monday, Ford left a meeting of city council's Executive Committee FIVE HOURS EARLY to coach the Don Bosco Eagles, a high-school football team, in a pre-season game. Can you imagine what would happen to any public- OR private-sector employee who left his/her job at noon to engage in a hobby? Even as I write this, he is once again out of the office, coaching instead of mayoring...while the taxpayer picks up the tab.

This wannabe football star, who allegedly played football during his sole semester at Carleton University before dropping out (though there is no record of him ever taking to the field), is so obsessed with being the jock that he never was in reality that he has effectively abandoned his position as mayor, leaving Council to run itself. While he assures his detractors that he "works harder than anyone", there is absolutely NO evidence that he works at all. He can never account for his time, and refuses to release his agenda to the media. He was "too busy" to attend a SINGLE event during this past June's Pride Week...yet, when his schedule for that week was finally obtained as the result of a Freedom of Information request, it was found to be completely empty.

Until today, he was simply facing removal from office as a result of his blatant conflict-of-interest issues. Now, he's added something new to his long list of incredibly stupid actions...perjury. And THIS one won't simply get him kicked out of City Hall. In Ontario, it's punishable by up to 14 years in prison. And I'm sure Mr Justice Charles Hackland, who is presiding over the conflict-of-interest hearing, is capable of reading a newspaper.

There really are no words to describe the contempt I feel for this loathsome piece of work. Ultimately, however, I must reserve my venom for that portion of the Toronto electorate stupid enough to vote for him. I only wish they could join their idol in prison.
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Christopher Moorehead

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The torch-and-pitchfork movement to oust Toronto police chief Bill Blair has now begun in earnest. I have always been a very vocal proponent of police accountability — but I believe that there is much more to this particular situation than meets the eye, & I urge you to consider the entire story before passing judgment on Blair.

When Bill Blair became chief in 2005, replacing the much-despised Julian Fantino (Mike Boyd was simply a caretaker chief), it was the first time since I moved to Toronto in 1986 that we had a police chief (with the exception of David Boothby) that even remotely passed for human. Blair proved to be an unusually flexible & open-minded law enforcement leader, embracing community-based policing & building bridges with traditionally marginalized communities.

It therefore would seem the height of insanity for him to undo five years of his own hard work in return for a weekend of beating down protesters at the G20. It is also extremely out of character. Why would he do such a thing?

Follow the money. Blair had no reason to abuse the citizens of his own city, strip them of due process, or criminalize dissent — but the right-wing federal government of Stephen Harper most certainly DID. I suspect that Harper's minions used the G20 security provisions as some sort of "false flag" operation designed both to discredit Bill Blair & inflict punishment on Toronto, the city they love to hate.

Blair CLAIMS that he was in charge, but WTF else is he going to do? He's an honourable man, & takes his executive responsibilities very seriously. Harper's people knew this, & blatantly manipulated it to their advantage.

As a result, we now have the progressive half of Toronto — who would normally be the biggest supporters of all Blair has done to improve community relations — screaming for his head.

Think this through, people. If Blair is ousted or resigns in disgust, what will happen? I'll tell you EXACTLY what will happen — the Toronto Police Services Board, now controlled by Rob Ford loyalists, will appoint another "law & order" tinpot dictator like Julian Fantino — or worse. (I wonder what former LAPD chief Daryl Gates is up to these days?) Goodbye, community-based policing. Goodbye, accountability. Hello, tanks & helicopters. Hello, 24-hour surveillance. Welcome to Panopticon World.

We never tire of saying that our progressive/liberal attitudes stem from our ability to think critically. So, let's do a little critical thinking right now before we demand Bill Blair's severed head on a pike. As this thing unfolds, Harper's people are just sitting back & laughing as they watch us hang ourselves. Let's not play their game.
Blair also commits to incorporate lessons learned at G20 into procedures, training and future responses
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Yeah I'm a type nerd too. I go around SF and will be critical of building signage. I think corp ID used to be better then now, but I date myself when The Swiss Design Movement of the 60's & 70's was such a force on clear clean simple identity. Since the internet era began the pollution of forced 3-D eccentrics has proliferated. ID design is mostly all created to only one or 2 direct applications. Most don't survive going from 12' monument size to a B & W 1/2" size. As typical to take an example Bank of America blue type on red background w/white outlined letters to separate inside & outside. Ugh! They are pretty hated anyway from the mortgage scandal all a customer sees is Red Ink debt.
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Christopher Moorehead

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San Francisco dirge-punk gods Flipper perform the infamous "Sex Bomb", January 26, 1983. Apparently, the lyrics consist of the words "she's a sex bomb, baby...yeah!" repeated over & over. During live shows, 45-minute versions of this song were not uncommon.

Flipper was formed in 1979, & was given its name by original vocalist Ricky Williams, who kept a menagerie of pets in his apartment & was so fucked up on drugs that he named them all "Flipper" so he could remember what to call them. Williams was fired from the first incarnation of the band, allegedly "for being too weird" (quite the condemnation given the rest of the band line-up), & was replaced on vocal duties by co-bassists Will Shatter & Bruce Loose, who alternated vocals/bass depending on who wrote the song. Since Shatter was a speed freak & Loose was a junkie, extreme tempo changes were the norm. "Sex Bomb" is one of Will's compositions, & he is singing here.

Will died of a heroin overdose in 1987, but the band continued to limp along erratically until it imploded in 1995. The surviving members reunited in 2002 & continue to perform sporadically in between the deaths of bass players (a total of 3 to date) — described by Bruce Loose as a "reverse Spinal Tap curse".

The band's tag line was "Flipper suffered for their art. Now it's your turn." Their playing style was described as a "slow, noisy & confrontational anti-groove", putting them at odds with most other punk bands of the time. Flipper's unique sound, however, was resurrected a decade later & made famous by Seattle bands such as Nirvana & Soundgarden.

Kurt Cobain was a big fan of the band — on the liner sleeve from Nirvana's In Utero album, he can be seen wearing a home-made Flipper t-shirt. Flipper's "dead dolphin" logo was a very popular piece of San Francisco urban art, & still adorns local buildings & street corners today. Please send photos if you have any!
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Christopher Moorehead

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This gets more unbelievable each day. Here's an excerpt from the barely coherent rant our alleged mayor, Rob Ford, inflicted on City Council yesterday in an attempt to convince them to scrap the proposed city-wide "Transit City" LRT system, & spend the money instead on expanding a single underused subway line so that it connects a mall with...another mall:

People hate the St Clair. They hate these streetcars. You can call them what you want. People want subways, folks. Subways, subways. They don’t want these damn streetcars blocking up our city.

That's it — Rob Ford's ENTIRE transit policy is based on road rage. His only interest in public transit is getting streetcars (which he blames for Toronto's traffic congestion, as if cars had absolutely nothing to do with it) the fuck out the way of his minivan & his equally loathsome brother's Lincoln Navigator.

If Ford thinks streetcars cause traffic congestion, how is he going to deal with the consequences of NOT having streetcars — given that most transit experts estimate that it would take SIX buses to carry the rush-hour "crush load" of ONE streetcar? That's a lot of buses between his minivan & wherever the fuck he's going.

The subway line Ford wants to expand currently carries fewer passengers daily than each of the College/Carlton streetcar, the Spadina streetcar, & the Finch BUS. It should never have been built in the first place (another corrupt & incompetent right-wing administration was responsible), & any financially prudent mayor would have shut it down long ago. But he's managed to whip the residents of Scarborough (a miserable, soulless, car-dependent Toronto suburb) into a frenzy by claiming they're being treated like "second-class citizens" because they don't have door-to-door subway service...which none of them would use, anyway, because it's next to impossible to pry their pasty, bloated butts out of their precious automobiles.

Exactly who does Ford think that the existing subway system was built for? Certainly not his hated "downtown elitists"...most of us can WALK to work. It was built to get suburbanites to & from the downtown core — presumably so they can mock & disparage the "downtown" from which they all derive their livelihood, & without which their suburbs wouldn't exist at all.

Ford has no plan to PAY for a new subway...just his mantra "people want subways" over & over again. "Just get the shovels in the ground" is another of his brilliant financing schemes. Provincial financing for Transit City is already in place, but Ford would rather lose this funding AND pay the province an additional $65 million in cancellation penalties than build ANY transit infrastructure that isn't safely underground, out of the way of his minivan.

What a spiteful, nasty, & vindictive excuse for a human being. This 300-lb ambulatory piece of excrement is incapable of running a BATH, let alone a CITY.

Please forward this to any Rob Ford supporter with whom you might be acquainted. And then slap them.
Rob Ford's side lost the vote 24-19; Mayor vows to continue fight
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Even though it's still officially winter for two more days, Toronto feels like North Carolina did when I lived there a decade ago. But global warming is just a myth concocted by liberals to destroy capitalism...right?
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It doesn't fit nicely on a bumper sticker, but "global climate instability" would have been a better, & more accurate, term. And we wouldn't have to listen to the Right prattle on about how "global warming is a myth" every time we get an abnormally cold day in the summer...they'd have to find another outlet for their collective cognitive dissonance.
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Christopher Moorehead

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Oklahoma's favourite sons The Flaming Lips cover the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" — sort of. Actually, it's FL frontman Wayne Coyne singing the lyrics to The Butthole Surfers' "Moving to Florida" over the rest of the band playing "Seven Nation Army". After the first verse, Wayne adds his own politically incendiary lyrics.

Unfortunately, they didn't play this when they did their last Toronto show in July was a staple of their set, however, when the Iraq war was still in full bloom. Nothing improves a performance like a bullhorn & an air-raid siren. The bunny suits are a nice touch as well.

That Toronto show was by far the weirdest thing I've ever attended — Wayne entered in his inflatable transparent bubble/hamster ball & took a stroll over the audience, while Drozd, Michael, & Kliph (in their animal costumes) appeared through a door in the back screen & slid down one of those inflatable slide things used for emergency escapes from burning aircraft. The screen had a giant solarized image of a nude woman with her legs spread, so the effect was that of giving birth.

It was a truly bizarre piece of performance art — the fact that the Flaming Lips make music is almost incidental to the whole experience.

It took days to get all the confetti out of my clothes, & that giant walking catfish puppet will haunt the darkest reaches of my subconscious forever.
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Aw, I gotta go to a Lips show now. Never seen 'em live, but this looks like too much fun.
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Professional engineer, graphic designer, typographer, + information visualizer.
I am a licensed professional engineer and graphic designer with a passion for typography and information design, particularly in the areas of navigation/wayfinding, typographic legibility, type deconstruction, and the effective visual display of complex information streams.

I have been a member of OCAD University's Faculty of Design since 2011, and currently teach Wayfinding/Information Systems. In previous years, I have also taught Advanced Typography, Typography 2 (Structures), Communication: Surface, Object, Space (3D design), and Graphic Design 1.

Outside of OCAD, I hold the position of Director, Information Design, with the Business Analytics practice group of multinational accounting, consulting, and professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. In this capacity, I have the privilege of working with the smartest people I have ever encountered in my life. 

Before attending design school, I worked for over 15 years as an mechanical engineer in a number of industry sectors, including automotive, computer hardware manufacturing, government, and consulting. My final engineering job was in the aerospace industry in North Carolina, designing and manufacturing air navigation and control surface positioning systems for US Navy fighter and electronic warfare aircraft. I also became an expert at navigating the byzantine intricacies of the US Federal Aviation Regulations—perhaps the most incomprehensible series of documents ever written.

My ongoing interest in graphic design and typography, combined with an intense discomfort with the ethical implications of my role as part of the North American military/industrial complex, eventually led me to the Ontario College of Art + Design (now OCAD University), where I entered the graphic design program in 2004. 

During the summer of 2007, while still a student at OCAD, I was accepted into the summer design program at the Basel School of Design, where I had the privilege of studying under the direction of legendary German/Swiss designer and educator Wolfgang Weingart. The program eschewed any use of computer technology—we cut type from specimen sheets with x-acto knives, and set it by hand. When Professor Weingart deemed our designs to be acceptable, we were instructed to tape them down. (To this day, I consider the words "tape it!" to be the highest form of design praise.) I returned from Switzerland with an empty wallet but a new insight into typography, composition, colour, and form.

During my time at OCAD, I became interested in the emerging field of information design and data visualization. I quickly came to realize that, given the vast quantity of digital (and analog) information with which we are flooded on a continuous basis, the ability to depict complex information streams visually in a manner easily understood by the average reader would become the single most important skill that a designer could possess. Simply put: those who can control the visualization of data will rule the world.

When not designing stuff, art directing other people's stuff, or critiquing stuff that students give to me, I can usually be found lifting weights, practising yoga, or pontificating on one or more of the following subjects: postmodernism, politics, Premier League football (particularly Manchester City FC), punk, post-punk, & electronic music, cultural theory, art history, & single malt whisky.

I find myself compelled to read difficult works of postmodern literature. During a particularly determined period in my life, I read Mark Z Danielewski's House of Leaves & Avital Ronell's The Telephone Book AT THE SAME TIME.

MBTI Personality Type: ENFP

Bragging rights
I once referenced the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in an art history paper on Édouard Manet, & got away with it. In fact, I got an A+.
  • Ontario College of Art & Design
    Graphic Design, 2004 - 2008
  • Schule für Gestaltung Basel
    Typography, 2007
  • Queen's University
    Mechanical Engineering, 1982 - 1987
Basic Information
Graphic Designer
Information design, data visualization, wayfinding system design, typography, book + magazine design, experimental packaging design, writing/editing, project management, business development, presentations, public speaking
  • Deloitte LLP
    Senior Manager & Creative Director, Information Design, 2015 - 2016
    As co-leader of the Strategic Analytics & Modelling information design team, I focus on providing creative direction, managing complex design projects, and developing new business opportunities.Our multi-disciplinary team of designers, visualization analysts, and geospatial experts uses information design, data visualization, and structured typography best practices to analyze and interpret data, provide high-level insights, develop clear and focused solutions to complex business problems, and communicate key messages on behalf of corporate, institutional, and government clients.
  • OCAD University (formerly Ontario College of Art & Design)
    Studio Instructor, 2011 - present
    Currently teach Wayfinding/Information Systems. In previous years, I have also taught Advanced Typography, Typography 2 (Structures), Communication: Surface, Object, Space (3D design), and Graphic Design 1.
  • Deloitte LLP
    Manager, Advanced Analytics, 2014 - 2015
    Co-leader of the Advanced Analytics information design team, where we use information design, data visualization, and structured typography best practices to analyze and interpret data, develop clear and focused solutions to complex business problems, and communicate key messages on behalf of corporate, institutional, and government clients.
  • Graphic & Information Design Consultant
    2010 - 2014
    Independent practice with a particular focus on information design and data visualization, as well as advanced typographic systems, book and magazine design, and the development of innovative packaging structures. Frequently retained for information design work by design studios and magazine art departments, as well as corporate and institutional communications departments.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)
    Director, Information Design, 2016 - present
    Leader of Business Analytics information design team. We use information design, data visualization, and structured typography best practices to analyze and interpret data, provide high-level insights, tell compelling stories, develop clear and focused solutions to complex business problems, and communicate key messages on behalf of corporate, institutional, and government clients.
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