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a new day.
banff, canada.
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Great shot.I am working on a bike clip,to.present it to the banff mountaim film festival in Sweden later this year.
Amazing how you captured the delicate subtlety of the iridescent light in this scene +Christopher Michel
It is next to impossible to capture that quality in the midtones and shadows, yet there it is.
is real picture. So beautiful it is
wow this is beautiful, where I learnt to ski
I am speechless. Ok, I will give it a try. "Great tonal range with such a strong background subject emphasizing the foreground detail! I really like the color detail in the shadows.
Now that's a mountain
cooll süperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i may be there
Most authentic landscape that has to be fantastic Canada.
Your pictures are very beautiful and amazing,i like them...
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