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Ed Dove
If the human part is a sumo wrestler and the pinniped part is an elephant seal, then that's quite appropriate...

But if the pinniped part is a walrus, then the human part needs tusks.
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Christopher Mennell

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Found on Tumblr, via Simon Roy (splash page for his story appearing in Island, issue #2)
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Commonly heard phrases on the O'Neill Cylinder:
"There's never any privacy on these things."
"The sky's the limit!"
"Balloons are a grievous crime, punishable by death."

. . . I'll quietly leave now.
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Christopher Mennell

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Khazad-Dûm, by Phosphorous.

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Haha, makes me wanna play Diablo.  Any of 'em.
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Christopher Mennell

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They had this huge assortment of wooden links at the Liberty Science Center, so of course I set out to build a dinosaur.

Sadly, it was near closing time, so I didn't get to finish.

By the staff was impressed...and so was I!
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Robot legs!


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Christopher Mennell

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Any credit card fraud experts out there? I'm not finding info I need on Google and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas how two of my credit card #'s got stolen when one of them I haven't used yet.
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Just got a fraud alert on one of mine today. Fraud agent said they are wholesale creating numbers then randomly testing security codes until they get one to work. They charge ridiculous low amounts to try to avoid detection.
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Christopher Mennell

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Has anyone here played Galactic Keep?

It's an iPhone (maybe Android too?) game that simulates an old-school, SF dungeon crawl, tabletop roleplaying experience.

Which sounds REALLY interesting.
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That looks awesome!  I have only Android gadgets so I hope they port it at some point.  Love the hand-drawn tabletop style they have going.
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Christopher Mennell

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I really want to get into making my own tiles and mini terrain. This seems easy enough to do...
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Christopher Mennell

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Learned about this today via +Anthony Picaro:

This is one of the coolest modern mythologies I've ever read, and it was all developed by homeless children living in Miami (and elsewhere) almost 20 years ago. I wonder how these children turned out.

Brief Summary: God fled the kingdom of Heaven (and reality) when demons stormed and destroyed his palace, and angels operate out of a camp they set up in the Everglades, battling evil, demonic forces of not just Satan, but an entity far more dangerous and twisted: Bloody Mary.

Here is a powerful story of children coping with the madness of their situation through a tradition of folklore. According to an article in the Miami New Times from 2013, Disney purchased the rights to this story in 2000 with Clive Barker as a producer, but a movie version of "Bloody Mary" never manifested from it.
To homeless children sleeping on the street, neon is as comforting as a night-light. Angels love colored light too. After nightfall in downtown Miami, t...
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Ed Dove
That mythology is AMAZING!!!

It kicks the asses of every professionally written modern mythology I've ever read.

It's just heartbreaking that it's the product of such tragic childhoods though.

But it shows just how different Disney really is from how so many people ignorantly assume it is that it not only bought the rights to this story, but worked with Clive Barker to produce it too.

I hope somebody eventually does make a movie based on this mythology that's worthy of its greatness.
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Christopher Mennell

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+Beckett Warren is looking for DCC funnel traps with a Red & Pleasant Land theme.

Anyone have suggestions for him?

cc: +Zak Smith
Anyone have some funnel deadly trap ideas that thematically fit with a Red & Pleasant land? Maybe an Eat Me puzzle? Any suggestions wold be greatly appreciated.
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Christopher Mennell

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+James August Walls interviews +Carl Bussler! Lots of DCC talk (of course) and some good discussion on Black Powder, Black Magic and what's coming next in Volume 3.
Perhaps you missed my interview with +Carl Bussler of Stormlord Publishing last night... well that's why we have YouTube!  We talked about DCCRPG, zines, Well of Souls, Black Powder Black Magic, and a whole 'lot of other RPG goodness!   
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Christopher Mennell

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Family trip to the Liberty Science Center.

Is it wrong that I look forward to what gameable stuff I can take away from these experiences?
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It's only natural, sir.
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Christopher Mennell

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I like how alignment is utilized in DCC, like how alignment choice influences a thief's abilities. I feel like there should be something similar for warriors, beyond just different titles...but I'm not sure what that might be.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Maybe a morale bonus upon success? So, if you're chaotic and use a move to maim someone and cause pain, you get +2 to your next attack simply because it makes you feel good / gets your juices flowing?
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Father, Writer, Role Player. I'm on a mission to break into the tabletop role playing game industry. Because "making money" is so 1987.
I am a writer, with an interest in both blogging and tabletop game design. Specifically, I play and write about D&D, and am especially interested in games, formats, systems, etc. that would be considered "old school". I'm interested in more modern games as well, and am always open to new ideas and trying new things, but when it comes to storytelling and gameplay, I believe there is still a great deal of potential to tap with Dungeons & Dragons and its many variants.

I also enjoy SF and Horror, reading/writing fiction, and generally having fun and being social online. I'm definitely always up for a conversation, so feel free to reach out to me; it's a pleasure to get to know new people, and Google+ is awesome for making new friends.

I am currently working on two personal projects, which I'll discuss and share from time to time using the hashtags #Waste and #Spacepunk. The former is a fantasy/post-apocalyptic setting like *_Dark Sun*_, only a bit more warped and eroded: in *_Waste*_, players are exploring a landscape of dying dreams built out of the minds of dead gods, stitched together by an enigmatic race of Horror-spiders.

In *_Spacepunk*_, players are trapped in a pocket universe full of thousands of bizarre civilizations of varying age and technological advancement, all layered on top of one another and desperate to avoid an inevitable fate of annihilation when they fall into the singularity that marks the end of the pocket universe.

In addition to these two setting projects (which may inevitably be renamed when they go to publication), I've also been blogging on and off since 2008. For years I operated as _The Secret DM_ (, occasionally taking time off from both blogging and gaming as I focused on other things (work, family, etc.).

Now I'm in the process of building and launching a new blog, where I'll feature original content (including commissioned artwork by well known and up-and-coming artists) and focus more on my personal development as I transition from occasional blogger to full fledged industry writer and game designer.

I'm also a proud father with a beautiful wife and two beautiful children, one of whom has just started her own gaming experiences at the table...something I'm very interested personally in exploring further.
Bragging rights
I've had the esteemed honor of visiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, and it was a life changing experience. I also created the game project
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July 27
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