Transit of Venus

You may have seen these links already, but I wanted to give the greatest number of people a chance to view the #venustransit  since the next one won't occur until the year 2117! Venus will appear to pass in front of the sun tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5, 2012.

Watch Online (with explanations by astronomy experts):

+Virtual Star Party's Google+ Hangout On Air broadcast will start at 20:00 UTC (1pm PDT / 4pm EDT in the U.S.)

+Slooh Space Camera will broadcast 10 real-time feeds of the Transit of Venus starting at 22:00 UTC (3pm PDT / 6pm EDT) on

+NASA's Sun-Earth Day live webcast from Hawaii:

Additional links and more info from +Philip Plait:

*Find your local transit time here:*

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