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For some reason, this made me think of the Pizza Boomerang video from a couple years ago.
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Everyone say hello to the newcomer.

I have a thing for taking maps of dungeons and/or buildings and pulling them into 3D using Sketchup. I have some thoughts about the process on my site, but I'm thinking of going over it again here so that others can see the process.

Anyone have a map they'd like me to use?
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+Axis Mundi I have one I did on the Caves of Chaos a while back, though it's incomplete. I'm probably going to do a step-by-step here when I've picked out a map to use.

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Christopher Mathieu

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I've started a new project: Adding a third dimension to the original Dungeon-a-Day map.
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Christopher Mathieu

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This was a nice surprise to end the day. ICE -- the guys behind Rolemaster -- are working on a new version, taking cues from 30 years of revisions and supplements. To celebrate, they're holding contests related to each of the core books. The first one they're covering is Arms Law, and they asked forumites to post something about their own experience with the game's combat system.

Well, I just got word that my entry won the first round. So I'm going to get something nice from them. They're going to take another four weeks of entries, and the top one from all of those -- which means I'm in the running -- gets the new Arms Law when it comes out.

Later, they're going to take all the top-voted stories and give one of 'em their whole RM line when it's released.

So, yeah! Proof right here that the system works! Take a look, tell me what you think. And if you've played RM, by all means post something.
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I'm getting them in tree-flesh format. The main RMFRP book is out of print, so I opted for Spacemaster books.
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Have him in circles
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Christopher Mathieu

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We are looking for people who are interested in being part of a fun project to help us celebrate The Year of the Gamer!
No cost to you, very easy and something that will show off how much fun gaming and gamers can be! 
Want to be part of something that we haven't seen done before? 
If you think this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, comment below or send an email to 

This is going be a lot of fun and kicks off in the next few weeks! 
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If I had any reason to be upset about not pushing hard enough to get a registered trademark on the HeroForge franchise, this is it.
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Christopher Mathieu

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Christopher Mathieu

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Sage advice for all RPG players, no matter which side of the screen they're on.
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Christopher Mathieu

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Have him in circles
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