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Can you F'n believe this evil little bitch?
This saddens me.
A teenager claimed to be dying of cancer but is being accused of faking it to raise money, according to a report out of Texas.
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People are so evil and cruel. It's sad because cancer is already so horrible and to deceive on such is even worse!
And I thought the girl who won the lottery and still collecting welfare because she thought she deserved it because she wasn't working was bad. This is very sad. People truly amaze me sometimes and not in a good way.
there's a special place in hell for people that do that
Karma will deal with her im sure...
Wheres the media outcry for this?
they should sentence her to 20 weeks of chemo and radiation.....
You know why this bothers me? It's people like this little girl who make it hard for people like me who continually raise funds for cancer awareness. Right now charity organizations for cancer get a bad name because of all the bad apples out there like this little girl. This right here, is our setback ladies and gentlemen, and one of the reasons why finding the cure is nowhere near the horizon.
Good idea...if she wants to 'pretend' to have cancer she can go along with the actual treatment.
I have a co-worker who has an 'octopus' of cancer on the edges of her liver and other neighboring organs. She is the sweetest lady you could ever's not fair. And stories like this are so sad.
I know man... I can totally post a TL;DR on this and how this affects me but instead I'll just smh and day dream of the many ways I'd like to see this person tortured.
That is the better way to go...I just try not to indulge myself in such delicious
What a drain on funds meant for people who really need them. This is so what's wrong with out world....
I can't believe that there were so many fools to give money - for what, if she was dying? - without seeing any (medical) document regarding that.
people that gave to this girls cause werent fools just "fooled"
What +Christopher Lira said. We really don't want to call people who support a good cause fools. I don't get asked for much information when I ask people to donate to any of my campaigns for cancer. They put their trust in me, that I am raising funds for what I say I am. And they do so from the goodness of their heart. I, and charity organizations are given the benefit of the doubt all the time and when people like this little girl do things like this it takes away from it. Cheapens it even.
Both Christopher Lira and Tiffany Henry were right! I apologize for my words, no matter English is not my first language I should have paid attention! Many people want to genuinely help, and I was fooled too, many times. From now on I will not call myself a fool anymore :-)
I doubt about "cheaters being just sad people"!
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