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Here it is kids just as promised,
my one of a kind limited edition collectors series not sold in stores Circle Sharing by Hangout Personality & all around +BAMF +Christopher Lira!

Heres the deal Last week I created this post out of SHEER BOREDOM! I decided to go on a circling binge and invited Users of Google+ to comment, +1 & reshare my "stupid ridiculous, pointless and totally shameless numbers & circle whoring post" and in return on Monday (today) I would in return Share them in a Circle with all of you!

What makes this circle so unique and a rare gem here on G+?
150 Awesome friendly "engaging" G+ users decided to play along!
To me that's EPIC!
Each person here in this circle have a great sense of humor,
each person in this circle are active members of our "Gmmunity",
each and every one of these people are an asset to Your Circles and
last but not least each and every one of these Epically awesome and wonderful people Welcome Blatantly Shameless Circle Whoring and will embrace it and use it to its full potential!!!

These last few days I had a great time meeting and interacting with all these engaging users here, some have been here since the beginning, some are new to G+, some are my Hangout Pals that seen another opportunity to shamelessly Circle Whore themselves out...again, but each and everyone of these people in this circle should be in Your Circles NOW!!!

With all that said I now give my XMAS GIFT to all of you (without a gift receipt of course), Ladies & Gentlemen I give to you a +Christopher Lira Circle Share I proudly entitled "Circle Whoring 101"

"I dont always share circles,
but when I do its F'n EPIC!!!"
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Are you going to re-issue with the directors cut?
I'm proud to have such a circle whore in my circle. +Christopher Lira , you are an individual of humongous chutzpah!
Hahaha... I was looking at the circle and I thought it said "Sort by reverence..." ;-)
+Lori Dunn awww thank you so much, but I cant take all the credit all the men in my family have a humongus chutzpah... yeah I know were blessed by such an enormous endowment but I have to give credit to the big G in the sky. with that said I have to say thanx +God for giving me the gift that keeps on giving! ;)
+Christopher Lira hmmmm...150 people in the circle yet only 32 shares of the mentioned post ............... and 88 plus ones...
I'll take "another circle I didn't make" for $1000 Alec
+Dan Soto I also used ripples to circle anyone that commented and +1d any of the reshared posts. I circled anyone who enteracted with in post not just reshared it. if I only circled who reshared it ur right it only would have been 32. I changed my rule for the good of the Circle Whoring.
+Christopher Lira yeah well Dave probably hasn't shared you in as many circles as I have either but, whatev...
Epicness +Christopher Lira ... I especially liked the phrase you coined: "Gmmunity"... kinda makes us sound like we were inoculated against the letter "G"...
you are not actually complaining about not being in the +Christopher Lira shamless self promo circle.. are you soto? :)
Dan actually He probably has but the point of this circle was to share ppl that interacted with me in some way on that original post. If you or anyone else (minus those pesky spam accounts floating around) would have commented, reshared or +1d that post or any of the posts that mentioned the original post I would have graciously added you and them to this circle share. as it stands i think about 95% of these ppl in this circle are "New to Me" ppl that started interacting with me thru the original post or a post mentioning the original post. There was no favoritism or anyone added to this circle just cuz they shared me in their circle shares or just becuz we hangout a lot.
I actually Never have shared a circle that I created myself other than sharing myself in a circle. any circle that I have shared in the past have all been reshares. I m pretty sure this was my 1st real shared circle.
Noze P.
i feel pimped man...!
Noze P.
mwahhha psst thats seeeeecret!
~O~ I dunno if I should circle this ring... tee hee
So my fellow Whores of the Circling How goes it? Did yall get a plethora of new and exciting circlers today? Do I need to reshare this circle again tomorrow for those ppl that missed it today?
was a pretty steady stream today... nice work, same time tomorrow?
Noze P.
some i guess i did :)
lol definitely I think i'll reshare again for our eastern buddies ;)
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