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Join Christopher LaHaise's discussion on Can You Resist A Wrongful Arrest?
I saw a meme on FaceBook, saying you could resist a wrongful arrest, using as much force as necessary, up to taking an officer's life. I had never heard of such a thing before, so instead of taking it at face value, I decided to go look into this, ....
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Christopher LaHaise

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My sister's writing about her job as a script-writer for radio plays.  It's about time.  :)
Samantha I've been putting this off for.. months, now. I've been itching to say something, but I've not been in the right mindset to say anything. Wow.. where the hell do I begin? Well, let's start with last year. Karm...
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Christopher LaHaise

Tales of the Grand Stair  - 
So, the Usari plot is finished.  The character, with two of her friends, went to a place called the Cave of Trials - a region connected to a number of Gossamer Worlds, where you can enter, state a goal, and then quest to achieve that goal.  The more powerful the goal, the greater the threat.

The goal was to rid herself of her Usari nature, to be 'human' once more.  The first room she entered was the home of the undead dragon of her realm, the one she destroyed before she became a Warden.  This dragon was responsible for the death of thousands, the rise of an army of the undead, and the loss of many personal friends.

The character almost broke down right there.  The dragon informed her that if she had just succumbed to him earlier, she would not become a monster like him - she would know peace.  She denied him, and declared her goal was to not become a monster at all, and the dragon showed her the path to walk.

The challenge through the adventure was to go through Doors, each Door stripping a portion of who she was, erasing the Powers she possessed.  She was confronted by Usari, who offered to take her gifts from her, for their own uses, and she refused them as she passed through the various Halls and Doors.

She eventually opened a Door to see the Dwimmerlaik fighting a Typhonian crafted from millions of people, merged to form its body.  One foot rested in one world, one foot rested in another.  It towered over them, its head brushing the moon, as the Dwimmerlaik threw everything they could at it.  The PCs lost their s**t.

A Dwimmerlaik approached her, saying that this thing was her fault, and that if she had accepted what she was, they could have tried to control it, but now it was a mindless thing.  She denied this, and then the Typhonian noticed her and reached out for her, even as its presence twisted the world and those within it, killing Dwimmerlaik by the thousands.  She suddenly knew its Name, and called out at it in a last ditch panic as she cowered, and it fell apart even as it continued to reach for her, the bodies that comprised its form falling into countless worlds.

Finally, she found the passage out - guarded by the Usari called Cyrus, that she had faced (and "dealt with") before.  This time however, she was outmatched, and he threw her around like a rag doll.  The other PC stood her ground against him, and was able to hold her own, but every time there was an opening, he attacked the other Usari, forcing her to retreat.  She was able to teleport behind him to run for the exit - so he threw his hammer at her companion.

Player:  What happens if I teleport back to intercept?
Me:  You die.
Player:  What if I use (artifact) to make a shield and block when I do it?
Me:  You die.
Player:  What if I use BOTH artifacts as a shield and block when I do it?
Me:  You die slower.

She jumped in the way, taking the hit.  Broken bones, shredded muscle, but her companion survives.  The other PC uses advanced Empathy to start healing her, but doing so leaves her vulnerable.  She finally can't take it anymore, and uses her 'phantasm' ability - the ONLY power she has, to convince her body she's healthy, grabs her companion, and teleports for the exit.  Cyrus goes to throw his hammer at her, and her friend hamstrings Cyrus, causing him to stumble back, the hammer driving into the ceiling, causing a cave-in which buries Cyrus and the other PC.

The former Usari escapes, collapsing and at death's door, her friends outside there to ensure her survival.

She was over 1000 points before the quest.  She's now at 100 points, and isn't even a Warden.  The player's... quite happy with the result.  The character's suffering PTSD, and is trying to cope with what she is now.
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Yeah, it was pretty fun to run.  :)  We were starting it in a second campaign, but one of the players was sort of freaking out at the idea of having to put down a friend and companion, so we're going to sort of have it in the background while said PC looks for a 'cure' for her friend.  We've got other things to work on.  :)
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Christopher LaHaise

Lords/Ladies of the Stair  - 
So, I'm running a LoG&S one-shot at a local game store.  I decided to make 20 pre-generated PCs for the players to choose from.  Here's the link, if you want to see them and borrow them for yourselves.  :)
Pregenerated CharactersPregenerated Characters William Vandenberg Fujima Asari Mera of the Abyss Maxwell Young Jerek Nova Victor Gallows Kyle Bishop Astrid Helsdottir of Asgard Caitlyn Dare Arduinna of Gallia Faye the Corrupt Elyss, The Naga Cael Dragonson Sigil Nathan Cru
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+Kristin Hunt Thanks for highlighting this again. The pictures/biographies work together very well.
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Christopher LaHaise

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I was discussing the upcoming Fantastic Four film, and how it appears to be hitting the wrong notes - and how X-Men also seemed to miss the mark when it comes to Marvel movies.

The Fantastic Four has always been about the wonder of exploration.  The joy of new discoveries.  That, I feel, is the heart of the comic, and the core of the characters.  They are a family, exploring the unknown, and taking in the wonder of a universe most people can barely imagine.  This upcoming film is all serious, making the unknown a scary place (according to the Director), and I think that completely fails the characters.  This urge to make the movie 'realistic' and 'serious' saps the joy out of the characters - from what I've seen so far.  We compared the Fantastic Four trailer with the upcoming Ant-Man trailer, and the contrast between the two were amazing.  Ant-Man was bright, funny, actiony.  The Fantastic Four movie was muted, a little amusing here and there, but lacked warmth.  It lacked, I feel, hope, which the Ant-Man trailer provided.

X-Men.  I went there next and explained how I felt they missed the target.  With the X-Men, the series was about prejudice - cutting people off who are different.  It was the civil rights movement, it was the fight against racism and sexism.  It was the fight against homophobia.  Every major cause is wrapped up in the X-Men.  This, I feel, wasn't really addressed in the movies.  I feel the first movie should have looked at this with microscopic focus.  Instead of having Rogue coming in as our viewpoint character, have us look at mutants - a variety of them - and the trials and tribulations they're going through.  And then bring in the teachers.  Charles Xavier recruiting Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Jean Gray, Iceman, Storm.  Show how each of these people are being treated, and how he draws them into the fold.  Then, look at what Magneto is doing.  He recruits Toad, Blob, Mystique.  He's bringing in people who are abused, bullied, called freaks.  Xavier is about hiding your differences until 'the right time', while Magneto is about facing your bullies, standing up and hitting back.  Through the film, both characters are sympathetic, and when Xavier and Magneto come face to face, Magneto can accuse him of getting 'the pretty ones', leaving those who can't hide at the mercy of the mob.  And that accusation can sting.  It's in the third act, when Magneto shows just how far he's willing to take the fight against the 'bullies' that we have to wonder if he's gone too far.  But if done right, we can also wonder if Xavier hasn't gone far enough.

And I think that would have been a much more compelling film.  X-Men wasn't bad.  But it wasn't great.

#fantasticfour   #xmen   #antman  
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Steve Russell, the maker of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, died last night in a car accident. Please give a moment of silence, and please leave speculation on the future of LoG&S and Rite Publishing at the wayside for the immediate future. :(.
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I decided to make a post on the family blog about what I feel about some of this.  It's emotional stuff, but there you go.
Christopher Yeah, I don't post much here, because the blog's not normally for me. But there's a lot I feel the need to get off my chest, and I think this is a better place to do it than anywhere else. I'm angry. I'm ang...
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Happy birthday, +Snowy Angelique Maslov​!
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Christopher LaHaise

Tales of the Grand Stair  - 
The Usari section of the campaign's swung into high gear.  The character found that someone was actually able to prevent her opening her Door to her world, so she used an Icon to get in.

Then an Usari comes to her front door, and forces access.  Before the crap could hit the fan, that Usari was murdered.  The fact that she couldn't get home - and that an Usari was able to hunt her down, freaked the PC a bit, and she tried to go into seclusion.

Well, a bunch of her friends decided to show up and keep her company, and things started looking better - until another Usari came banging on her Door.  The PCs stepped out into the hall to combat him...

When Doors across the Hall opened, spewing out Usari.  More and more of them.  The combat started getting chaotic, and the threat level increased.  The PC felt an urge to go out and confront her opponent, and made her way to the Door - until another PC dragged the enemy Usari into the Gossamer World.

All hell broke loose.  The experience almost overwhelmed the PC, but once the dust settled, she was far, far more - and far, far less than she used to be.  So, now, the player and I swap control of the character - when she's reminded of who she was, things go well.  When she's lost in her new abilities, she's mine.

It's been a very creepy experience, and is just going to get worse.
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There's actually nothing saying the other personalities could attack her.  As far as I know, the only thing you get is memories, nothing more.  There were memories she didn't like, and the Umbra is designed to excise those things you don't like, so it was a clean thing.
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Well, last session was interesting.  It was supposed to be downtime so the PCs could roleplay, relax, and train before the big fight.  Well, that didn't quite pan out.

See, the PCs are in the Robotech universe, during the aftermath of the Invid invasion.  The Invid have the ability to sense the presence of protoculture - a psychic energy source used to fuel some of the mecha and such.  As such, the PC who 'owns' the gossamer world doesn't tend to use the most advanced tech he can - instead using earlier generation mecha.

The PCs were investigating a downed Zentreadi ship - something the person who owns the world had crash so he could salvage it for parts to upgrade his own technology, and pick out a few things to help his mundane team-mates get their tech a bit better for the war.

One PC decided to repair the ship, then kick-started the engines.  Which run on protoculture.  Which means every Invid within a certain area suddenly knows where the PCs are.  So, 100,000+ Invid are suddenly homing in on the PCs.  The PC who did this can sense their approach, but hasn't told anyone yet.

Did I mention, one of the rules in this 'verse is that mecha and their opponents have either 8pt or 16pt armour and damage-capabilities?

Next Week:  100,000 Invid with 8pt and 16pt damage and armour, versus 10 PCs, in Australia.  I honestly don't know how I'm going to play it out, because seriously - a graze from one of the enemies can kill most PCs.  Sure, the PCs have superior Warfare, but...

Well, consider this.  During a fight, with normal weapons, a character could get nicked by a sword, and still destroy his opponent, simply because he outranks his opponent.  What happens when a 'nick' is 'you die'?
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<coughs into her hand>itwasme<cough>
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Christopher LaHaise

Lords/Ladies of the Stair  - 
Eavesdropping on a solo session of LoG&S my sister's playing with a friend.  Just.. a personal talk between two people.  And the sheer emotion she's putting into it blows my mind.

This is one of the most lighthearted characters she's ever played in a game with me.  This character's a flirt, playing with the minds and emotions of those around her - though never intending harm.

And tonight, in a private session with another player, her character found out that her friend / lover is considering marriage to someone else (also played by my sister, but really that's not relevant).

And the character's hurt.  Not because she's jealous, but because she respects the concept of 'love' that much.  So she describes how she's feeling - and how she craves that emotion, but can't give that emotion in return.  The reason is ... well, this is a Guild Wars 2 character, converted to LoG&S, and she's just been through a war.  She found out her parents were murdered, her mentor was killed in the war, a unit under her command was butchered because someone fooled her into thinking they were the enemy, and worse.

So, she told her friend, 'I want all eyes on me, I want to be adored, but I can't bring myself to return it - because I'm afraid I'll lose them again'.

Yeah, I'm paraphrasing - this scene's taken three hours to play out.  But... yeah.  It's impressive to watch.
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So, anyone else looking forward to some of the upcoming books?  I'm really anxious to see the Shapeshifting book, and I've an itch to see anything on the other Powers.  My group has discussed things to do with combining powers, getting advanced versions of some powers, and really cutting loose with things - so the more information I can flip through, I feel the better.

In last Saturday's episode, one of the PCs encountered the flip-version of his own character, and his android henchmen had flip versions as well.  They met amiably, and tried to figure out 1) how to get the flip-version home, and 2) how she got there in the first place.  In her 'world', they don't use Doors, but Mirrors, so they needed to find a Mirror which could take her home.  When they finally, finally succeeded, he found out he couldn't contact her with Wrighting or Invocation, so wound up making a deal with a mysterious stranger to find a means to find her.

Said person was Nyarlathotep.  :D  I'm evil that way.

So, he suggested they could use a manifestation of the Eidolon, or the Umbra, to find her.  The guy chose Eidolon, and after a journey, they encountered the Pattern (or as I called it, 'The Grand Design') - which is a manifestation of the greater Eidolon.  The PC walked it (stripped of 50 points of Stuff), and at the centre, envisioned his counterpart.

Which means he's now cut off from everyone else.  This should prove... interesting.

So, on Sunday - he's on his radio show online, and brings in his counterparts - mentioning the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow campaign, and actually has his in-show persona encounter the 'flip' version of his minions.  :D  I'm really glad he's enjoying the campaign enough to bring it into the story arcs he has on-air.
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Long Walk almost seems like a second core book, with the inclusion of partial powers (including advanced powers).
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Not nearly as old as you think I am. ;)
A young man in an older man's body, I'm a writer and vice president of a publishing company.  I've done work on AEG's Legend of the Five Rings and John Wick's Houses of the Blooded.  I've also published my own RPG, called Fox Magic, which can be found here.
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