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Christopher LaHaise
Not nearly as old as you think I am. ;)
Not nearly as old as you think I am. ;)


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+Elyssa Kurai​, happy birthday!
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Steve Russell, the maker of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, died last night in a car accident. Please give a moment of silence, and please leave speculation on the future of LoG&S and Rite Publishing at the wayside for the immediate future. :(.

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Happy birthday, +Snowy Angelique Maslov​!
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So, the Usari plot is finished.  The character, with two of her friends, went to a place called the Cave of Trials - a region connected to a number of Gossamer Worlds, where you can enter, state a goal, and then quest to achieve that goal.  The more powerful the goal, the greater the threat.

The goal was to rid herself of her Usari nature, to be 'human' once more.  The first room she entered was the home of the undead dragon of her realm, the one she destroyed before she became a Warden.  This dragon was responsible for the death of thousands, the rise of an army of the undead, and the loss of many personal friends.

The character almost broke down right there.  The dragon informed her that if she had just succumbed to him earlier, she would not become a monster like him - she would know peace.  She denied him, and declared her goal was to not become a monster at all, and the dragon showed her the path to walk.

The challenge through the adventure was to go through Doors, each Door stripping a portion of who she was, erasing the Powers she possessed.  She was confronted by Usari, who offered to take her gifts from her, for their own uses, and she refused them as she passed through the various Halls and Doors.

She eventually opened a Door to see the Dwimmerlaik fighting a Typhonian crafted from millions of people, merged to form its body.  One foot rested in one world, one foot rested in another.  It towered over them, its head brushing the moon, as the Dwimmerlaik threw everything they could at it.  The PCs lost their s**t.

A Dwimmerlaik approached her, saying that this thing was her fault, and that if she had accepted what she was, they could have tried to control it, but now it was a mindless thing.  She denied this, and then the Typhonian noticed her and reached out for her, even as its presence twisted the world and those within it, killing Dwimmerlaik by the thousands.  She suddenly knew its Name, and called out at it in a last ditch panic as she cowered, and it fell apart even as it continued to reach for her, the bodies that comprised its form falling into countless worlds.

Finally, she found the passage out - guarded by the Usari called Cyrus, that she had faced (and "dealt with") before.  This time however, she was outmatched, and he threw her around like a rag doll.  The other PC stood her ground against him, and was able to hold her own, but every time there was an opening, he attacked the other Usari, forcing her to retreat.  She was able to teleport behind him to run for the exit - so he threw his hammer at her companion.

Player:  What happens if I teleport back to intercept?
Me:  You die.
Player:  What if I use (artifact) to make a shield and block when I do it?
Me:  You die.
Player:  What if I use BOTH artifacts as a shield and block when I do it?
Me:  You die slower.

She jumped in the way, taking the hit.  Broken bones, shredded muscle, but her companion survives.  The other PC uses advanced Empathy to start healing her, but doing so leaves her vulnerable.  She finally can't take it anymore, and uses her 'phantasm' ability - the ONLY power she has, to convince her body she's healthy, grabs her companion, and teleports for the exit.  Cyrus goes to throw his hammer at her, and her friend hamstrings Cyrus, causing him to stumble back, the hammer driving into the ceiling, causing a cave-in which buries Cyrus and the other PC.

The former Usari escapes, collapsing and at death's door, her friends outside there to ensure her survival.

She was over 1000 points before the quest.  She's now at 100 points, and isn't even a Warden.  The player's... quite happy with the result.  The character's suffering PTSD, and is trying to cope with what she is now.

The Usari section of the campaign's swung into high gear.  The character found that someone was actually able to prevent her opening her Door to her world, so she used an Icon to get in.

Then an Usari comes to her front door, and forces access.  Before the crap could hit the fan, that Usari was murdered.  The fact that she couldn't get home - and that an Usari was able to hunt her down, freaked the PC a bit, and she tried to go into seclusion.

Well, a bunch of her friends decided to show up and keep her company, and things started looking better - until another Usari came banging on her Door.  The PCs stepped out into the hall to combat him...

When Doors across the Hall opened, spewing out Usari.  More and more of them.  The combat started getting chaotic, and the threat level increased.  The PC felt an urge to go out and confront her opponent, and made her way to the Door - until another PC dragged the enemy Usari into the Gossamer World.

All hell broke loose.  The experience almost overwhelmed the PC, but once the dust settled, she was far, far more - and far, far less than she used to be.  So, now, the player and I swap control of the character - when she's reminded of who she was, things go well.  When she's lost in her new abilities, she's mine.

It's been a very creepy experience, and is just going to get worse.

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So, I'm running a LoG&S one-shot at a local game store.  I decided to make 20 pre-generated PCs for the players to choose from.  Here's the link, if you want to see them and borrow them for yourselves.  :)
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