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There is going to be hell to pay at Drobo for this. I wouldn't want to see quarterly sales after this.
Lots of Backup Options. Whats Yours?
If you want an interesting read, take a look at +Scott Kelby recent post this morning called "I'm done with +Drobo . ( Read it here:

The piece talks about the recurring problems that Scott and +Brad Moore have had getting their Drobos to give them access to their data. Unfortunately for me, this is an all too familiar situation (I have a 5 Bay Drobo that is so sporadic in its connection, i'm waiting to get a solution in place so that the next time I get it to connect, its to throw a liferaft to the data there and move it. Im considering Gtech). 

There are a lot of options that are being passed out here - and I think that's what causes the problem.  Backup management and storage is a unsexy/expensive/nerdy thing to consider.. and more often than not, the best solutions require a bunch of technobabblle, a bit of coin, and a lot of time (ever tried backing up 6TB onto the cloud?).  Give it a read. What do you do for backup?
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