Here's my latest blog post.  Off topic again from the usual theme, but I've learned so much here on G+ in the past four months that I find it necessary to share my education:
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thanks fot posting this. There is great stuff here at G+ but I seem to have a hard time with the whole sharing thing and being out and really public. Just my stuff hanging me up but its great to see your evolution!
Hi, +Marion D.:
I think the entire concept behind Social Media and G+ specifically is to share what we know.  I completely understand people's reservations about  sharing so much and I think that's a side effect of Facebook.

What I've discovered from being on both (BTW, I'm off FB now.) (and I have to say immediately that this is JUST my opinion) is that FB shares became kinda creepy kinda TMI.

I have yet to discover that here on G+.  Maybe the TMI content is here too but since I use circles to filter out my public stream, perhaps I'm not seeing it.
+christopher jennings penders I prefer it here but of course its the usual FB dilema of they are over there but FB is now inserting ads into my stream and pages that other people like and the games games games (even though I have them blocked) its just ridiculous. I am committing myself to being here more because it it just more fun
+Marion D. +Christopher Jennings Penders really offers some good insights to using #Google+ as it was intended - to share and connect. Have you read #WhatThePlus by +Guy Kawasaki ? If you're serious about using G+, I recommend reading Guy's book as well as heeding what Christopher has discussed in his blog post.

By no means am I trying to be an expert on this topic, but I have already been seeing tremendous value in G+ and have applied the advice from Christopher and Guy into my own G+ experience. 
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