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There isn't anything that I cannot be or do or have, and I have a huge Nonphysical staff that's ready to assist me, and I'm ready.

Watch for my column at Wisdom and Life on Monday for clarification.
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Had a wonderful day yesterday.  I spent 5 hours from 11-4 #writing  at Starbucks, Madison, Connecticut.  A glorious uninterrupted block of time I haven't had in over a week.

It is looking as though my goal to have my book:
Taking Off A Coat complete by late August to mid September is becoming more a reality every day.

I'm so excited that I have my passion back for writing!
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+CJP Photos shared his recent column at CJP Photo News here.
#cjpphotonews   #cameralenses   #k10friends  

You own a DSLR and multiple lenses.  You are traveling and only have room for one lens.  Which one to take:
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#wisdomandlife   #memorialday   #k10friends  

Memorial Day is NOT just another day off.  Remember to honor those who have transitioned in the struggle to keep our world safe and free:
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Just home from an AHHHH-MAZING afternoon with my BEST friend and my camera. She surprised me by taking me on The #thimbleisland tour in #stonycreek.

Just starting to edit the photos. They look great. HOPEFULLY will have them posted on my site later today. I will share a few here with linkage back to my site. 
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Amazing column on Social Media here by +Aleja Seabron. She breaks down what works and why. Definitely someone to follow and keep your eyes on.
Sorry for the delay! Here's my latest post via #LinkedIn
We live in a viral world in the age of the internet. Everything is available at your fingertips and we are constantly being force-fed cute animal and baby videos with views in the millions. In this post, I would like to discuss two social media misconceptions:1) All you need to do is create an account and you will gain a loyal legion of followers overnight.The reason this is untrue is because there is a lot that goes into planning a successful so...
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Aww, shucks, +Christopher Jennings Penders  - thanks for the vote of confidence. Please let me know if I can ever be of service to you :)
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At the end of +Martha Orlando's latest column, she asks if we have a life verse.  Mine is:
There is no death.
Life is an echo.

There are no accidents. 
Everything happens for a reason.

And there is only God.

What's yours?
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Amen, Chris!
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+Jean Wise has stirred up my emotional stew with her latest column:

I known at LEAST ONE person who needs to see this.  Such a shame that this person simply can NOT grasp what Jean has repeated here:
It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

I feel bad for myself that I continue to be dragged into the drama and that I can't accept that it won't change.  Then I do my best to understand why and I begin to pity the other person.
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Thank you for sharing. Nice, isn't it?
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+Mike Elgan writes eloquently about how our electronic society will change in the near future here:

If you're not following Mike and want to keep on top of Tech, he's one guy to keep your eye on. 
The next big culture shift in consumer technology is clearly home automation, and both Google and Apple will have a lot to say about it in the next couple of weeks.
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+CJP Photos just shared his Thimble Island Photos
#stonycreekctphotography   #thimbleislands  
As promised, here are six from my Thimble Island Tour from this afternoon.  The others are here:
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Doesn't look ready for swimming - without a wet suit! 
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+CJP Photos shared a new connection he made this weekend.
My #madisonct   #photography  event on the Madison Green went well on Saturday.  I wound making the money back plus some from the spot.  I also connected with another photographer from Newtown:
Tara Tomaselli

Her website is here:

Check out some of her work.  I REALLY like her photography. 
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Photographer/Blogger/IT Professional
Writes for Wisdom and Life | |
  • CJP Photos | An online business only |
    Photographer, 2000 - present
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Madison, Connecticut
Lisbon, Connecticut - Farmington, Connecticut - New Haven, Connecticut - Branford, Connecticut
Writing for three blogs. I'm also a New England Landscape Photographer.
Day Job:
Library/IT EC Scranton Memorial Library
Madison, Connecticut

Chris writes for three blogs:
--Blogging for Scranton Library in Madison at:

--A Spiritual blog with a Law of Attraction tone

--A Photography News and Advice blog:
CJP Photo News

I'm a Blogger, and a New England Landscape and Nature Photographer based in Madison, Connecticut. I've traveled outside of Connecticut, but mostly in New England.  Some exceptions:
--Key West, Florida
--Washington DC
--New York.
Put me in these circles:
--Law of Attraction
--Nature/Landscape Photography
--Connecticut (Photographers)
--Science Fiction/Fantasy Reader
--Social Media
Circle Management Strategies:
I've taken Jonathon Barton's Circle Management Strategies and incorporated them into my own strategy.  That's why if you see me adding you to my own circles it's because I've been using Jonathon's strategies now

My photography site is here:

My Gear includes:
--Canon 40D
--Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L II USM
--Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
--Canon Speedlite 430EX

Adobe CS 5 Suite

2007 iMac 20 inch
iPad 2
(All in w/Apple since 2007 and don't plan on returning to the PC Windows World.)
I blog about Spirituality and Law of Attraction. 
Check out my blog:

A bit about my spirituality:
I believe in a benevolent loving God
I believe we ALL come back. (Yes I'm talking about reincarnation.) I believe we return in groups.
I believe God created us and he won't forsake ANY of us.
I recently discovered Rob Bell's Book Love Wins and after reading it I realized Mr Bell and I believe the same things.
I believe we should follow our heart, follow our soul.
I believe we should find our own spirituality.  One should not be foisted on us.

I was baptized Catholic but I found my own way.
Some have begun calling me a universalist.
I'm not fond of tags but this one seems to fit me.
My day job is at the Scranton Library in Madison, Connecticut where I'm one of the IT professionals

I'm a voracious reader, sometimes reading two books a week.  I read EVERYTHING, but if my back is to the wall I'd have to say my favorite genre is Fantasy.
Some Favorite Fantasy Books in no particular order:
by Clive Barker

--Enchantment and Lost Gate
by Orson Scott Card

--Anything by Jonathan Carroll and Alice Hoffman
(These are my two FAVORITE authors.)

--Veil of Gold
by Kim Wilkins

The Galactic Milieu Trilogy
by Julian May:
--Jack the Bodiless
--Diamond Mask
--Bob Dylan
--Led Zep

--Kenny Chesney
--Lyle Lovett
--Tim McGraw
--Emmylou Harris

As you can see my musical taste is quite eclectic.  This is just a sampling of what I like.  Want to know more?  Just ask.
Bragging rights
Been published sporadically in the early to mid 1990's in the SF/F Small Press
  • Southern Connecticut State University
    Library Science/History, 1992 - 2002
  • Daniel Hand High School
    1979 - 1983
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+Andrew Kaplan has been been my go to Web guy since the 2000s. Andrew hosts my two blogs: Wisdom and Life and Scranton Page Turner at +Walden Pond Design. There are plenty of hosting opportunities available, but since Andrew has taken care of me for over almost 15 years now I wouldn't trust my hosting service to anyone else. If you are looking for a reliable web host. Talk to Andrew.
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iHelpers is hosting one of my blogs via WordPress and I've had a tremendous experience with the company. Right from day one, they've been nothing but helpful. Amazing service. Excellent prices. And there when you need them. Looking for a webhost? Check them out. Think you'll have the same experience as I did. -- Christopher Jennings Penders
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I visited Madison Therapeutic Massage for the first time over five years ago now. I could hardly walk. And I'm not exaggerating. After spending an hour with Jackie, I felt better than I had in months. I've been seeing her now once a month and she is a miracle worker! She keeps me fluid. She keeps me upright. I can't recommend her highly enough.
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Jeff created my business logo last year and I've gotten nothing but stellar remarks on it. I highly recommend Biz ID. He took the time to listen to my wants and needs and provided his own input and together we arrived at a welcome decision.
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Excellent Pizza. My favorite in Madison, Connecticut actually. And they deliver too. Have tried several of their pies. --Marco Polo --Classico --Margarita --Primavera are my favs.
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Been to Jia Mei Asian Kitchen twice already and have had two different meals. Both were outstanding. A small intimate restaurant with about 10 tables. Have not been disappointed yet. Staff has been friendly. Food has been healthy and amazing. Would NOT hesitate to recommend!
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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