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Checking the UI Thread in your App, have a quick read.  #AndroidDev
Good Android development, heck good development, requires none ui blocking interactions. As part of that (I can't take credit, I think Dorian Cussen came up with the original idea) I have a nice ...
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Now I see it, I'd add a "validation check" (similar to the main one) within the runQueuedUiRunnables iterator, just in case the app gets paused after running a few ones, but the idea is really nice!
Thanks for writing and sharing it!
+Ander Webbs Yeah your right that is a good point, I should check (and break) after running each runnable, thanks for the suggestion :)
I'm skeptical that the order will matter (but will test now). There is no need to use equals() anyway, == will work better.
I wasted an hour debugging it. Flipped the statement worked straight away. Might be a specific jb bug maybe
Must be a bug with the equals method then. Shall change it to == then.
Yes but the ui runnables do more than that. They avoid illegal state exceptions when calling ui from a non running state which runonuithread should do personally.
Yes, the check makes sense if you don't want to update your UI while the Activity is not visible. Depends on your requirements.
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