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"Field Walk"
A new light painting realized last night was added to the "Light is Life" series.

On my way back from a private party where I did a light painting workshop, I parked my car on a field and shot this light painting.
I wish I had my 35mm 1.4 to get more visible stars !

The headlights of the car were lit like 4 seconds to make the field visible.
Nothing really special finally but I like the haystacks and the moving stars.

Settings : 35mm, F/2.8, approx. 5min

Remember that a light painting tutorial is available on my website in both english and french ^^
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I enjoy this playful treatment and overall look....keep them coming!
+Christopher Hibbert your idea is amazing. I like it very much. Can you tell me how to make it? I guess you painted with a torch under long exposure (but I think that's not true coz I can't find your shadow the pictures.) Can you tell me how to make it?
+YW Liang Thank you ! You can find further info about the technique reading the tutorial I wrote :
As you said I drew the character using a torch under long exposure and I turned on the front lights of my car for a few seconds in order to make the ground visible.
You can t see me because I was in complete darkness while drawing.
Thanks for replying. It's great work. I had ever tried to use this way to shoot but unfortunately can not get a satisfy result. I am not good at drawing especially in limited time (>_<). I always forget the composition when I finished a small part of the pattern.
This is so awesome, love all your light paintings.
+Philip Plait Of course Philip, no worries ! Thank you for that. Please be sure to include my name with it. I am pleased that you love it !
Is this available to buy? Would make my husband so very happy...!
+Caitlin Connors All my light painting are available for purchase. 8ex limited. Min size is 60x90cm. Lambda prints by Central Color (paris) on Kodak Endura Metallic. Email me for further info if needed. Thank you !
Would love more details but apparantly am being a git and can't find your email address... would you mind mailing some sizes and prices through to caitlin dot connors at gmail dot com?
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