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Interesting facts about Longevity in the USA.  Would be very interested to see if there is any similar data to compare in other parts of the world.  I'd assume this is strictly an American phenomenon.

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If you are upset you don't receive CBS, or really don't want to pay for MTV when you only want to watch Comedy Central... urge your Senators to support the "Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013".   Let's fix some legislation from 1934 and give some power back to the consumers.

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IDC says the amount of digital information being created, copied and shared annually will have huge economical, social and technology implications.

The amount of data in the world today is equal to:

·         Every person in the US tweeting three tweets per minute for 26,976 years

·         Every person in the world having more than 215m high-resolution MRI scans a day

·         More than 200bn HD movies – which would take a person 47m years to watch

·         Fill 57.5bn 32GB iPads


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Tone generation wonder
Ooooh, ahhhh. Beautiful geometric patterns of audio frequencies created through vibrating sand.

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Homage to Bowie from the ISS and Commander Hadfield
With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here's Space Oddity, recorded on Station. A last glimpse of the World. Space Oddity

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More amazing time-lapse photography

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If I'm blessed with children someday they will be at a school that codes and has a music program.

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Beautiful cartography of the brain.

Scans reveal intricate brain wiring

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A great use of predictive analytics. is getting better each day.

RT @USATODAY: The travel guessing game may be over -- Kayak now gives advice to buy or wait on plane tickets:
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