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From the person who brought you the eye-straining spreadsheets the "Big List of Apocalypse World Hacks" and the "Big list of Dungeon World Classes," comes a brand new Google Doc of stuff I found on the internet!

The Big List of Apocalypse World Playbooks is an open spreadsheet that anyone can edit. It features playbooks, a brief description, the author(s), and where you can find them (for free or purchase).

Please updated this with any playbooks I have not included.

Special thanks to Nerdwerds ( for providing a lot of the URLs for playbooks I only had PDFs for. If you use his website to download playbooks, please donate to Doctors Without Borders.

My goats ran away!

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I can't believe I didn't know I could export ePubs from Wikipedia! Here comes an introduction to Buddhism and history of Role Playing Games for my vacation in September!

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This just about sums it up... 

Just read the Washington Post article on Volko Ruhnke. Very interesting. I was wondering, +Adam Koebel, since I've seen you playing a lot of his games, if you could only get one, which would it be? 

The most old school rpg I own? #rpgaday

Does World of Dungeons count? 
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