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My wife has an iphone 4, Wants the 5C any cheap blu phones that have the same feel as the 5C. and slim screen size?  I would love to get her away from ios and onto android. I personally bought a win jr. 

I already have the rom I can install to make it feel more like ios for her just looking for the slim screen.
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Just bought a Blue Studio 5.0 cHD.  So far, I'm impressed with it.  The only thing that would make it perfect is a better manual.  But if you poke/play around you'll find how to get your settings where you want them.
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Customization! That's the Beauty of Android which iOS just doesn't have | Agree? Subscribe & Like - What's on my Android | HTC One!
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My submission for #showyourdesktopfriday .
GnomishDark theme with World Of Darkness wallpaper, WoD font and custom #conky setup.
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A plant scientist who released 1,000 foreign crickets into his garden because he liked the sound they made has been given a warning by police for endangering native wildlife.
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Best phone ever #xperia #Sony 
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Download #Timely, use 4TJE-VSNP-EJ21 and get a theme for free!
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...lights of munich... was published using 500px, the world's best photo sharing community.
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Found at the end of the school day, Graciela was slumped in the car’s back seat and drenched in sweat. 
Police in California are investigating the mysterious death of a 14-year-old girl, who appears to have died after becoming trapped inside a car parked at her high school, unable to unlock the car’s doors. Graciela Martinez, 14, was found dead in her brother’s BMW, parked in a lot at Madera South High School after school on Wednesday, police said. Graciela is believed to have fallen asleep in the car early that morning and then became trapped insi...
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All great writers have their muses. Proust had his madeline. Fitzgerald had Zelda. Daniel Woodrell has the tweakers who keep breaking into his house. A storm-tossed road trip with the battle-hardened bard of meth country.
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