Minimal DSLR Dashboard WiFi Remote Control Setup

Summary:  Remotely controlling a DSLR over WiFi with DSLR Dashboard using an Android tablet connected to an Android phone's mobile hotspot works.  There is no need to buy any extra kit beyond the USB OTG cable.

Recently a friend asked if I had tinkered with TL-MR3020 wireless hubs to remotely control a DSLR using DSLR Dashboard on an Android phone/tablet.  I hadn't played with this, but it sounded fun.  I read different links turned up by Google searches about the TL-MR3020.  From what I saw, I suspected that if you already owned two Android devices (a phone and a tablet, or two phones), it should be possible to do this without spending $30 on a TL-MR3020 (and flashing it w/the necessary firmware).  I have absolutely nothing against the hub; it looks to be a nice device.  I just couldn't see why if you already had multiple Android devices, it would be necessary to buy anything but the USB OTG cable, so I began playing around a bit.

Thanks to messing around with Minecraft PE for my kids, I already knew that an Android phone with hotspot enabled would allow other devices to connect and talk to each other even if the phone was out of network service (or in service but not connected to the data service).

Proof that also this works for remote DSLR control is offered in the three, horrible quality pictures (sorry about that) below.

In the setup shown in the three pictures, the Samsung S3 is acting as the mobile hotspot and the tablet is the only device connected to that hotspot.  DSLR Dashboard is running on both the S3 and the N7.  The N7 is running in server mode.  Simply click "start server" and note the IP address DHCP from the phone assigned to the tablet.  On the S3, click "Connect to Server" and enter the address of the N7.  Bingo.  Remote control over the D300 including Live Preview is now established!
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