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Christopher Flügel
"Egal wie dicht du warst, Goethe war Dichter!"
"Egal wie dicht du warst, Goethe war Dichter!"

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Still looking for a Material Design IRC app :( can't find any so far 

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Check out my stats in #BitcoinBillionaire!

Want to play?

Hey there, does anyone know a Material design IRC app? 

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Right now is our most exciting giveaway. And it’s much bigger than invites: #OnePlus #InsanityWeek

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To all maguro users:
What ROM are you running?
I'm looking for a change from CarbonROM, I'm not too picky when it comes to features but at least Lockscreen Notifications are a feature I wouldn't want to miss.

Anyone know where I can find the latest radio for GNex GSM (maguro) - preferably Central Europe region (Germany)....?
I'm having troubles with phone calls where people won't understand me for a good 15-30 secs like 1 minute into a call although I always have 4-5 bars (H+). It's really weird. Gonna flash a different rom today to see if that's doing it, if not, I'd need a new radio I guess.

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Carbon seems to have official Maguro Nightlies now and so does OmniROM. Has anyone tried those yet? 

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Found this neat app through reddit today. For anyone sharing an apartment with room mates, this is a really nice solution to keep track of stuff that needa to be done in your household, sorta like a private social network =)
Check it out! 

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Christopher Flügel commented on a post on Blogger.
Looks really nice :) I'll probably use this for my blog! Well done, Damián
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