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Christopher Crocker
When I was a kid, I was smaller than I am today and sometimes wet myself.
When I was a kid, I was smaller than I am today and sometimes wet myself.

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iPhone Alarm problems?

Has anyone else experienced issues with alarms set in iPhone? I have an iPhone 6 plus running iOS 10. My alarms will go off at the scheduled time, but won't make noise. They will vibrate, but vibration doesn't wake me. All other alerts work fine with the appropriate sound. If I set a test alarm, the same thing happens. A reboot of the phone clears the problem and the alarms work as expected. This has happened twice now in ~6 days.

Is it just me?

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Was allowing random users to create polls for any topic and post them to anyone, anytime one of the things that makes Google+ less entertaining and more like a third grade home room?
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Could be
I think so

Thank you Kirby Smart. We'll miss you, but thank you for everything. You made Bama's defense something to fear and were integral in the 4 National Titles.

Good luck at Georgia - unless you're playing Bama.

Roll Tide.

Great season JSU!

Of course, I'm disappointed, but still really proud. What a great end to the season - playing for the title. ND State is a really solid team. Congratulations to them in an unbelievable fifth straight championship.

Let's hope JSU keeps up the excellent play in the coming years. I'd love to see the hoist the trophy at mid-field next year.

Go Cocks!

Removing human opinion from the rankings, what's the best one-loss team (all FCS opponent data removed)?

59.40% opponent win
15.85 average margin of victory
8 top 30 opponents played

55.84% opponent win
11.62 average margin of victory
4 top 30 opponents played

51.11% opponent win
25.00 average margin of victory
5 top 30 opponents played

50.00% opponent win
21.00 average margin of victory
2 top 30 opponents played

47.59% opponent win
12.31 average margin of victory
2 top 30 opponents played

I feel so bad. The troll known as Peter Germ has blocked me because I asked for facts to support his opinion.

Can someone please beg him to reconsider?

I find it sad, with the numerous data breaches online, Ashley Madison being the most recent, people are shocked to see "private" data leaked.

Nothing you do on the Internet is private. It just SEEMS private. You should approach your Internet activities with this in mind. If you visit it or post it or store it online - it can be found and utilized by others.

+The General, great ad. You know, if you're providing the quote, it's not anonymous.

I think you mean I can contact you to anonymously receive a quote for car insurance?

I am so excited for the new Kardashians show.

Because the sooner it airs, the sooner the commercials for it will cease. 

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The Bank of England accidentally sent an email revealing it's researching the risks of the UK leaving the EU
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