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Christopher Cooke
Astronomer at Saint Mary's University, Halifax.
Astronomer at Saint Mary's University, Halifax.
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BUNK was a house rabbit & much loved pet. He has a lovely nature.

He was allowed to run in the backyard under supervision. He is a Cashmere Lop. He is clipped for easy coat care. He can be taken to a dog groomer for clipping. His owners sadly left him in our care as they had to move back to Ireland to care for elderly family members. Apply online

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It may be that young people are caught in a larger trend of companies regarding their work force less as an asset and more as a cost that can be adjusted as needed to deliver satisfactory financial results. Telus Corp. recently announced it was cutting 1,500 positions while also increasing its dividend to shareholders. Highly profitable banks are also cutting staff.

Catch phrases are emerging to describe the job market of temporary work. Some call it the “gig economy,” or the “freelance” economy. This may work well for the experienced, connected boomer. For young adults with no experience and no contacts to give them leverage, these terms describe an economy of junk jobs that make them demonstrably poorer than people with permanent jobs.

#Millennials #YoungPeople #JobMarket #Canada #cdnpoli #MinisterFinance #Liberal #BankCanada

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It's a Prison Sentence, Charlie Brown!
He was the voice of Charlie Brown in a series of 1960s animated classics, including “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

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Way to leave out the colour blind!

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Harper negotiated a bad deal for Canadians? I am shocked. Shocked, I say.

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But are all libertarians cats?

Ok, Canada, I get it.  A lot of people voted this week who haven't in a long time, or who may have never voted in a Canadian election before.  This is what you've been asking for for 20 years now.

Can we all stop being so damn condescending toward "the new voter" now?  Because you don't get to complain about their absence, and then golf clap for them when they finally show up.  You treat them like motherfucking superheros, OK?  You recognize that you begged and pleaded for their help for almost a decade, and you show some god damned gratitude that they finally came to the rescue.

They don't need to be "caught up".  They don't need to be told that "voting once doesn't make you civically active".  They don't need to be told how unimportant their voting truly was, or how much less valid it, was because they didn't do it sooner.  Especially after years and years of going on about how important voting truly is.

You don't get XP for voting.  You don't level up after every election.  The first time voter, and the first-time-in-a-long-time voter are no more or less engaged, no more or less important, than the person who has voted every election since 1952.  They earned their stripes just by showing up on Monday.

Do you want them to show up again next time?  Then stop being dicks about last time.  It's horrifically un-Canadian of you, Canada.

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