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Design is a big focus for Google.  In preparation for a design-focused Google I/O event, we've kicked off a new "Google Design Minutes" series.  +Sian Townsend  and I talk about designing and researching Google Maps.
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It's one of my favorite buttons in Android, a handy little icon that shows the app you recently used to share something to. Good find, +Justin Powell!

#android   #chromebeta  
I like this little piece of the latest +Google Chrome beta update... The share button remembering your last action.
#Android #ChromeBeta
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+Tony Chiang Yup. And it's super convenient. Now it can be found in Chrome (Beta)! :) 
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So, how many pictures of your crotch can I sneak now?
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I stand by my position that the new Turtles look exactly like those hideous Goombas from 1993's Super Mario Bros movie. Shrek? Not so much. But still ugly.
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My brother and I thought the exact same thing you're not alone.
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It's just one of those nights.... 

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Cool video. But +howtomen could have at least changed the category titles so it didn't look like he totally ripped them from +Android News by Phandroid. Or, at the very least provide a link to the original article:
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+Shawn Latin Well, the worst part is that he denied even that. Said he never saw the post and doesn't read Phandroid "lol". 😑
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It's not everyday you see a smartphone fight back after being hit repeatedly by a mallet. But OH is it satisfying... 
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My concern was for the hammer.
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Nice one lol!
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That feeling when you get your first Nexus....... and eat 50 burritos. #blastoff  
That feeling when you get your first #Nexus.

h/t: +Robert Hoe 

#nexusone #nexuss #galaxynexus #nexus4 #nexus5
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Really not digging the new look though. They look too..... human. Need moar toitle.

#teenagemutantninjaturtles #tmnt
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The nostrils.... lose them and maybe just maybe it will be better.
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Paid this collection agency to settle my debt only to find out -- YEARS LATER -- that the debt was never settled and is still unresolved on my credit history. Never received the resolution letter as promised, as a result, my credit has suffered further. This means I literally paid this company to settle my debt, at which point they took it and ran.
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My favorite place for Thai food and cheap drinks. Come after 10pm for happy hour!
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China Point is a great melding of Chinese and Korean style dishes. I've dated many a Asian woman and their families all frequent this place. Go for their lunch time dishes, they're well portioned, and decently priced (around 8 bucks). I'm just a white boy so I always order the orange chicken but I've tried a few things (honestly, I can't remember the names) and they were all great. The food (and employees) are extremely authentic -- keep that in mind. Great place to dine if you're looking for amazing Chinese! :)
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Good
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Food is great. This location is the dirtiest though by far. Floor, tables, everything is grimey. The one by the Mills is much cleaner, nicer staffed, and has a lot more room. Plus, Mr. Pibb! :)
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Good
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Recently purchase a used vehicle (2010 Mitsubishi Outlander) from Community Chevrolet and have searched high and low throughout southern California visiting just about every dealer you could think of. "Low Price" Rob C was my sales rep who was super helpful, NOT pushy and I was able to get a great deal. Their finance woman was super helpful and great as well. This is only my second car purchase (ever) and although I'm kind of new at this, I'd say it was a pretty good experience. =)
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