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Never heard of machine learning or neural networks? Let this #NatandLo episode change that →

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Our latest blog post is all about how to make sure your paid search campaigns are as relevant as possible for maximum ROI!

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please share with any PHP programmers you know in the Sarasota, FL area!

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"Semantic search is here to stay and it’s definitely where search is heading"

While I doubt any of us @ Semantic Search Marketing would disagree with this statement, and while veteran semantic SEOs won't find much new in this post, it definitely deserves a shout-out as a much-better-than-average introduction to the subject.

Kudos to +Tani Kopliku for correctly identifying as a vocabulary, for correctly identifying said vocabulary as rather than exclusively as just "schema", for correctly identifying RDFa, microdata and JSON-LD as markup mechanisms, and for in aggregate providing factually correct information about structured data.

A introductory post that for once you can share with an interested colleague without having to include a bunch of "but" qualifiers to take note of the egregious errors. :)

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