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Christopher Brown
linguist student programmer designer semanticist pragmaticist photographer
linguist student programmer designer semanticist pragmaticist photographer

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Recent observation: if you're talking to an undocumented API and there's a resource with sub-resources that look like they all have unique IDs, THEY MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE UNIQUE. Also, assuming some value is a unique identifier can be a really tricky bug to diagnose! (Thanks for the valuable life lesson, B-Cycle.)

Look coders, I recognize that was a crucial component of the open source community in the early 2000's, but there's no excuse for using it, say, after 2009.

"Wait 5 seconds for your download to begin"? Jesus. Ain't nobody got time for that. "Select a mirror from the list below"? There's these fancy things called CDNs now, which use another fancy thing called Anycast, which is pretty awesome.

(Same goes for Google Code, just s/2009/2011 or so/, and Bitbucket, around 2012.)

Apache's fascination with Atlassian tools (like wikis) is disconcerting. Richard Stallman's open source purity politics are a little over-the-top, but Apache is playing to the opposite side in a way that makes me mighty uncomfortable.

So many new forays for content hosting and redistribution (latest I've signed up for being Svbtle), but none are yet incentivizing me in micro-payments besides intangible publicity badges, e.g., likes and reposts.

Not that karma should be cashed in, but Google has a lot of money, and whatever I'm doing on Google+, they must be benefiting from it far more than I am, based on how hard they are pushing it. They obviously have more to gain from me posting on G+ as opposed to a personal blog, which is one reason why they killed Reader, but do they really think it's going to be that easy? Is it?

"Switch back to old compose"? Yes, thank you!

I'm not a big video-chatter. Haven't tried hang-outs yet, and despite how awesome people say it is, I really don't think I'd like it. Is there anything that G+ has got that Twitter/Facebook haven't?

What's new is this box. #nothanks (does + support twitter-style hashmarks?)

So, is Google+ open to everyone now?
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