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Christopher Berrios
Live, Love, Game
Live, Love, Game

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Please don't censor the Internet!!!

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Say hello to PSVita!!

Off to do a smog test on my car...I just wanna game!!

Another good day at work and I'm so tired!! :/

Had a good day at work today but from what I'm hearing and seeing...PS sales are high this black Friday!!

Another day of work and preaching the word of Long Live Play!!

Happy 5th. Birthday PlayStation 3!!! I remember joining the PS team when you just lost weight and show your new body in 2009 with a new slimmer look :)

Excited to play Assassin's Creed Revelations for the PS3 after work!!

Had a good weekend representing PlayStation in San Bernardino...Its a PlayStation Town now!!!

I'm excited to be going to San Bernardino CA Best Buy to be Ambassadoring at my Hometown for PlayStation!! Hope to see you guys there this weekend!!
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