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Christopher Babayode (NoJetStress)

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Some great tips for frequent fliers. Grounding like this or however you can do it when you don't have access to outside space is a must do to travel well and healthily.
Business Travel in the dynamic Global Marketplace
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Christopher Babayode (NoJetStress)

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Would you care to comment- my first experience with avocados was notable because of a heavy pungent smell they gave off, this was in Africa over 30 yrs ago. I notice this smell is absent in avocados available now, anybody know why?
This option had been open to flying crews due to the exemptions secured by the American Pilots Association (APA) search the open letter to the TSA online. 
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The takeaway is that remedial action needs to be taken by all people who continuously have disturbed sleep. All types of shift workers including frequent fliers. 
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Make Your Own Holistic Travel Medicine Kit! Don't Travel Without The Remedy #5
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Christopher Babayode (NoJetStress)

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Riveting, I would have like to have heard more about how these findings influence thoughts on jet lag and circadian desynchronisation, for instance some recent research suggests exercise to raise core temperature is recommended as a tool to help frequent fliers reset the body clock. Would this be agreeable to the professors thinking?
Jet lag cures from a flight attendant
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Let there be light, all things are a reality
We are from the Future: Who is your Time Travel Guide?

I have long since been of the view that there are a few of us who have been time travelers for a while. We see elements of the future and can bring back invaluable insights to help inform others about crucial ingredients that can help them make better decisions.

We have watched the impact of incredible advances in technology in our own industries knowing that that same exponential change can have a similar impact on others too. Those changes are set to accelerate.

It is not the "what" is going to change that is crucial but the "why". How it changes will look after itself provided that the intention is truly aligned to our soul purpose and the role that we have been designed to play while here on this planet.

"We Are From the Future: Let There Be Light" beautifully illustrates how we have to think beyond the mundane and that we need to apply different rules to the game. It is not about the confines of old infrastructures but more about tapping into the infinitely more powerful ancient infrastructures of nature.

Patterns within patterns, nuclear reflected in the mirror of the Universe, it is about embracing the flow, the chi, and harnessing the natural cycles of breathing in and breathing out, expansion and contraction, birth, death and regeneration.

We as individual humans are cells of a greater body of humanity. Each of us has a role to play which we can only do if we are healthy and doing what we are designed to do. The impact of not being in alignment with ourselves impacts the whole of humanity. We have a duty to be true to ourselves so that we remain true to what it is to be human.

Those of us who have seen the future need to act as guides for those who follow on the path behind us.

Enjoy the ride!

cc +Gideon Rosenblatt +Nadine Hack +Jazz Rasool
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Liquid scanners are here! Does that mean a relax on the 100 ml bottle dance for frequent fliers at airports 
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D) Don't drink any more or less water irrespective of the restrictions. 
Of significant importance to any shiftworker including frequent fliers who find themselves eating at times at odds with their body clocks.
Invaluable if said person has weight issues.

ADVICE: If you must eat at odd times to your bodyclock make it a lean protein meal to stop triglycrides spike. 
The ways in which the timing of eating can influence health is an area of debate. New research shows that the timing of meals affects the levels of lipids in the livers of mice.
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Do you eat at times when you would otherwise be in bed?
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