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Christopher Adam Lessley
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Can't go full neck beard at work? There is hope. For screen shots. 
Native screen shots on Windows suck but there is a free and open source solution to better mimic the Linux desktop experience. Windows' native Snipping Tool is clunky and has limited options. More so, its extremely annoying ...
Updated, now with more flavor!
Windows won't boot after its gone hibernating or expired Windows 10 upgrade preview or can't verify winload.exe or Secure Boot or UEFI corruption? Here's our story. Its one of pain. We use Windows when we have to. There I sai...
+CyanogenMod​ 13 + +Ting​ + Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (t705) = beauty. Still not #ubuntutouch 😢.
Open source voice to text without Google...needs an English server? Who's with me? Cheap digital ocean droplet?
Kõnele is an Android app that offers speech-to-text services to other apps.
A fun project I was able to complete today: Dual (x2) Hitachi projector system with significantly better brightness and redundant failure backup. 100% custom +LibreCAD designed aluminium bracket, stainless/brass hardware with unique white powder coating. #librecad
Stop bots tutorial (and why does blogger randomly break images?).
Are you suffering from super high CPU server usage but can't nail what it is? It is probably bots and/or spiders eating your processing power. Here's how to [mostly] stop it. Look at this image, taken from a live server host...
Why hello android 6.0 and cyanogenmod 13! Still waiting for Ubuntu touch for Samsung devices. 😢😣😩
Have you ever pulled a Tres Comas at work? Deleted a hundred megabytes of mysqli database; about 460 mistake. If you would have used my algorithm it would have deleted so much more. Face. Palm.
If you or someone you know, even if you have to pay, install +CyanogenMod​ on your android device and stop silent spying from Google and others.
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I've been running it for two days now on my galaxy tab s t705 and its completely Google free on start (pure open source android). I side loaded open Google apps after and then locked down play and Google services to deny permissions. The silent location requests by Google are disgusting.
Updated to a Ubuntu 16.04 [test] server this morning only to find SSH keys refused. Here's the quick fix.
If you just upgraded Ubuntu 15.04/10 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (or otherwise upgraded OpenSSH from v6.9 to v7.0) you may be getting ssh refusal because of changes in OpenSSH. So, a locked-down server refusing ssh keys with password...
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Need to add: change your ssh key to RSA type before upgrading openssh v6.9 to v7.0 to avoid this legacy option.
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So I did survive high school and yes Google, I do have 3 kids.
  • California State University, Fresno
    2002 - 2011
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