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It's been a while since I posted on here. I admit finding so many random people that I do not know following me is a bit unusual for me.
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It's just weird to have all these people adding me that I do not know :)
You can safely ignore them, unless you post publicly, they will never see it.
Until google screws up, of course.
My guess is ( well this post is public) that a lot of them might be coming from Extended Circles. I think a lot of them are from the Haskell Community, I see them following Johan as well. It'd just be nice if people said "Hi, I am so and so, that is why I am following you" given that I am not a celebrity :)
Hi, I an Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.; I added you to my Haskell circle, which means I likely found you through my Haskell spark / search.
Cool :) My haskell circle is my second-largest circle on here :)
The first one, given where I work and the service this is, obviously being 'colleagues' :D
hey ... what about some billard with another friend and me, we need +1 to complete the 4 (groupon deal)
I'll get the voucher and then we agree on a day ... what is good for you. Maybe a Saturday in the afternoon?
Hi, I am Hemanth K - I added you when a 'celebrity' Haskeller shared his circle.
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