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Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets
Human being, Earth dweller.
Human being, Earth dweller.

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Sixth Lexember Month: Another Month of Haotyétpi Words
So, like last year , December was the Lexember month, and of course I participated, once again with Haotyétpi . While Haotyétpi's grammar is now more or less complete, its vocabulary is still far too small to be usable, so naturally I wouldn't pass on an ev...

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31st Lexember Word
imíke [iˈmiˑd͡ʑə̆], inalienably possessed noun: “back, behind; end“ Originally posted by 2mainstreamhipster Well, of the year and this Lexember month at least! So, a fitting word for what is the end of this Lexember event, imíke refers primarily to the back...

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30th Lexember Word
peorrép [pe̞.o̞̽ˈre̞ˑp], alienably possessed noun: “writing, written words; document“ Originally posted by inabrush Well, it is winter :P. The Mountain Folk have had a complicated relationship with writing. Until just a few generations ago, they had no writ...

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Lexember Words 22nd to 29th
So, as you may have noticed, I’ve fallen way behind with Lexember. I got sick with the flu a week ago, and by the time I was better it was Christmas time and I was away from home and my computer. So I’ve only just started to get back on track. So in order t...

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21st Lexember Word
ankesocúp [änd͡ʑe̞̽zo̞̽ˈd͡zuˑp], nominalisation: “right side, right area” Originally posted by heartsnmagic Couldn’t find anything relevant, so here’s a puppy :). So, today’s word is to socú what yesterday’s word was to hayré : a nominalisation referring t...

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20th Lexember Word
ankehayrép [änd͡ʑe̞̽ɦɐ͡ɪˈɾe̞ˑp], nominalisation: “left side, left area” Originally posted by 2mainstreamhipster Well, she’s looking in the right direction in any case. Today’s word is simply a nominalisation of the verb hayré : “to be on the left”. However...

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19th Lexember Word
aspá [äɕˈpäˑ], transitive (causative) verb: “to put, to place“ Originally posted by artemispanthar Hey, it’s not so often I manage to work in a GIF of my current favourite cartoon :P. Interestingly, this verb is simply the regular causative form (albeit o...

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18th Lexember Word
socú [so̞ˈd͡zuˑ], intransitive verb: “to be right, to be on the right side; to go/turn right“ Originally posted by tamamushis Of course, today’s word had to be the counterpart of yesterday’s hayré . We talked about the left side, so now let’s handle the rig...

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17th Lexember Word
hayré [hä͡ɪˈɾe̞ˑ], intransitive verb: “to be left, to be on the left side; to go/turn left“ Originally posted by delicatx Really hard to find GIFs about the left direction… Anyway, some cultures lack the concept of relative directions. The Mountain Folk is...

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16th Lexember Word
meomá [me̞o̞̽ˈmäˑ], alienably possessed noun: “(tree) branch“ Originally posted by mademoiselle-bazaar Today’s word is simply an example of the kinds of derivations from yesterday’s mé that are in common use. In terms of structure, this is quite simply a c...
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