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Happy New Year! Wishing a wonderful year to all. :)  Edit : Uploaded the wrong photo size! Don't forget your 🔎! :D
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+Lella H Better late than later! ;)  Thank you so much, my friend. Sending you wishes for a wonderful New Year & many hugs! Hope all is well with you.  <3
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Lee made the world a brighter and happier place. With her stunning photos, magical words and her example of strength, courage, determination, witty humour, she made us all believe in magic and in a better place.

With her presence, she made us all better human beings. A constant reminder to never take things for granted and make the most of each day, no matter what adversities were lying around the corner.

She will be missed tremendously but her memory, love and light will always be with us.

Love you, Lee. <3


Calla Ballet

Calla lilies dance in a patch of early morning light.

For #FloralFriday   with +Tamara Pruessner 
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Me too :) +Khrystiane Friedli
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I Was Given Just One Wish..

Santa Monica Pier. In a recent trip to LA I got to visit this amazing place. I can't explain but there's some magic in the place and I edited my photo with the intention of capturing some of it. 

I took this photo with my cell phone and again I'm very happy with the results. 

Wishing all a wonderful & magical week!

#moodymonday   #mobilephotography  
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+morte oakley Happy to read it. Hugs. 
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Hi All,

It's been ages since I posted something else and even longer since I interacted with most. Lots of things happening this year and the hours, days and months simply haven't been enough.

I'm unsure of the reasons for posting here today... now... but one of the things I've been trying to put in practice this year is to let go, accept things and stop questioning everything.

Due to time constraints and everything else going with my life I've also switched directions and have been mostly taking photos with my cell phone. I share them over Instagram, sometimes Facebook and now here. This is one of my favourite shots this year... Not because of its quality but rather because of all that it leaves open for interpretation. :)

I can't say when or if I'll return to posting with the same frequency around here but please know that if needed I'm all but a message away. And, you can also find me over IG and FB.

Hope everyone is doing well and send lots of love and light.


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That's unforgivable +Sharon Jeannette!  :P   Thanks, my friend!
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Christophe Friedli

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*Tear Love From My Mind* 

Every word you trusted, did i lie to you?
Am i the one to destroy everything?
I the one you place your faith in?

Tear me down
Tear me down
Tear love from my mind

Tear through the lies that mask my eyes, that deceive me
Tear through the hungry ghost that lingers to feed on me.

Empty me
Empty me

Every word you trusted now i question.
Every word I understood now disobeys.

How can i leave when you love me?
How can i leave when everything is so clear?

Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Tear Love From My Mind

For #macromonday  _Inspired by Music_ with thanks to +Kerry Murphy , +Kelli Seeger Kim , +Jake Easley & +Jennifer Eden 
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Killer!!! :-)
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Christophe Friedli

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*And We Shall Be Together*

but i don't see and I don't
feel but tightly hold up silently my hands
before my fading eyes and in my eyes your smile
the very last thing before I go...

Ten years today... Never forgotten... Forever missed.  ♥

The Cure - The Same Deep Water as You (HQ)
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Hi +Sinead Sam McKeown & +Cicely Robin Laing - thank you kindly, my friends. I hope all is good with you. Sending many hugs. ♥♥
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Christophe Friedli

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*Why Complicate a Simple Thing*

I found this beautiful stone while walking on the beach near my home. It was there, standing itself apart from the norm of all the others around it, bringing beauty to an otherwise bland shore. 

Looking at this photo this morning got me thinking of how most of us are quick to judge people based on their looks; be it the clothes they are wearing, the colour of their skin, their accent, their manners and so on... It’s not easy not to pass judgment on others even if it is only a thought.  

That’s something we should strive to eradicate completely… all the time and every day we should make an effort to accept and appreciate difference. Why complicate a simple thing when ultimately we all want the same things? 

Wishing a beautiful week to all.  ♥  

For #MacroMonday  curated by +Kerry Murphy , +Kelli Seeger Kim , +Jennifer Eden and welcome to +Jake Easley 
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Thanks a lot +Shawn McClure!  :) 

Hi +Heiko Köster , thanks for stopping by and for the kind comment, my friend. I hope you're good and send you best wishes for a beautiful day.  :) 
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Christophe Friedli

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It's been so long since I last posted something around here that I couldn't even remember how to do it... Then, I realized I didn't know what photos I had shared already since I've only been active on IG. :D Anyway, maybe I shared this photo here before, maybe I didn't, but decided to stop by & leave a "hi". Hope everyone's well & wish a wonderful day. :) 
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Your "pop-ins" ...however brief, are always really appreciated ♡
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Still time to contribute to #Movember   :D  Sharing a recent photo taken by +Khrystiane Friedli and doing my impersonation of a kung-fu fighter (not really, but whatever!)  :P 
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Christophe Friedli

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It Can't Rain All The Time 

"Sometimes you can barely tell the difference 
between darkness and light.
Do you have faith 
in what we believe?
The truest test is when we cannot, 
when we cannot see"

Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All The Time (Lyrics)
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+Christophe Friedli 
Log time no see. I read you're still around here and I hope  you are ok, my friend ? Missing your posts here.
I send you  my best wishes from overseas.
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Christophe Friedli

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*Neverending Winter* 

Yup... It never ends...  -_-
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Hope the sun will shine back there very soon...:)
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Christophe Friedli

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*Wandering Soul*

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

William Wordsworth

Wishing everyone a dreamy Tuesday.  ♥

For my friend +Shannon S. Myers , +Christina Lawrie & #TreeTuesday  
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Thanks a lot +Shawn McClure. I hope all is good with you.  :)  
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